Vikings invade Claremont School

Viking 1
Viking 1

CHILDREN at Claremont School enjoyed learning about and dressing up as Vikings during a special learning day recently.

Emma Beaumont, from the school, said: “The aim of the day was to place emphasis on the development of practical, creative thinking and enquiry skills that help children to be more in charge of their own learning, whilst increasing interest, confidence and motivation with their work.

“Children studied many different areas of Viking life making artefacts such as Viking runes, Viking weapons and Viking long boats as well as studying Viking myths and legends.

“The day started with learning about Viking clothes and the Pre-prep department was transformed into a Viking museum with each classroom offering a new area of learning.

“Pupils shared an authentic Viking banquet for lunch and the children ate using wooden bowls and spoons.

“The Pre-prep department will be hosting a Victorian experience day in September as it is believed that themed days allows for holistic learning, which is a learning style based on the principle that students will learn more effectively when all aspects of a person, including mind, body and spirit, are involved in the experience. If you wish to enquire more about our learning experience days please visit our website”