Elderly lady trapped on barbed wire fence

A RYE man came to the aid of an elderly lady after she became tangled up in barbed wire after slipping on a footpath.

The lady, in her seventies, was walking down the footpath that leads from Rye Cemetery to Love Lane last Friday when she slipped into a gully and became trapped on the wire fence.

She was rescued by Terry Thompson, from West Street, who came upon her shortly after the slip.

“He said: “I tried to free her but it was not possible to get her out of the gully so I phoned for help and paramedics arrived. Between us we were able to free her.

“The condition of the path was very muddy. It is quite remote and just really lucky that I happened to be there, otherwise she could have been trapped there for hours.

“That path is in real need of maintenance to make it safer.”