Action to prevent vehicle danger in Rye’s Lion Street

Lion danger
Lion danger

ACTION is being taken to protect pedestrians on Rye’s narrow Lion Street.

Residents have said a bad accident is waiting to happen with pedestrians frequently forced into the road due to goods vehicles parked on the footway and cars mounting pavements to get past lorries.

Rye Town Council has been in consultation with the highways authority at East Sussex County Council with a view to getting a dedicated loading bay introduced.

Highways chief Brian Banks was in town on Monday to meet with Rye councillors and see the problems for himself.

And ironically when he arrived there was a highways authority vehicle parked on the pavement carrying out gully work.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Bernardine Fiddimore said: “The vehicle was carrying out work and had proper signs up, but there were several other incidents of vehicles parking on double yellow lines and it was obvious to Mr Banks that we have a major problem here with people basically ignoring the law.

“A loading bay will be added in the High Street near the steps of the George. It will be boxed in with lines and will strictly be for loading and unloading only.

“This is the first step on the road. If this does not work we will have to look at other options which will involve enforcement.”

Pavements on Lion Street have been cracked and broken in places due to heavy vehicles parking on them or driving over them.

Resident Nick Taylor, who has worked hard to raise awareness of the problems, said he was happy that action was being taken.

Cllr Mary Smith had said: “People with buggies and walking aids are forced into the road while visitors see cracked and broken paving stones.”

Mr Taylor said: “This is the principal route for tourists wishing to explore the beautiful and historic area around Church Square and the Gun Gardens.

“The street has now become highly dangerous for pedestrians with vehicles routinely using pavements as roads.”