Grant ensures woodland conservation work can continue

IMPORTANT conservation work can continue in Brede High Woods thanks to a grant of more than £25,000 from the Veolia Environmental Trust.

The grant awarded to the Woodland Trust through the Landfill Communities Fund will be used as part of the trust’s ongoing PAWS (Planted Ancient Woodland Site) restoration.

The aim of the PAWS restoration - which will begin in the autumn - is to thin and remove densely planted conifers in order to help nurture and encourage natural biodiversity.

Brede High Woods has already been highlighted as an area of great natural beauty and potential, but due to the shade created by the high density of conifer trees in some areas, the surviving ancient woodland species lay buried and often unrecognised beneath the canopy of non-native trees.

By slowly introducing native trees, the ground flora will thrive and help start a gradual sustained reversal of the damage done by the conifers to the areas of biodiversity.

David Bonsall, the site manager for Brede High Woods, said: “The protection and maintenance of the site has always been our main priority, and now with the help of The Veolia Environmental Trust, we can be sure of conserving some of our most precious woodland habitats for many years to come.”

Margaret Cobbold, the executive director of The Veolia Environmental Trust, said: “It is great that we are able to support such a special project.

“I look forward to seeing the work get underway and native species thrive once again in this area of great natural beauty.”