Hair raising way to help our nesting garden birds


THE RSPB is urging gardeners to hold off hedge cutting until the breeding season is over.

And the conservation group says people can give nesting garden birds a welcome helping hand by saving the hair from groomed pets to be used as nesting material.

Because of the prolonged wintery conditions and late start to spring nesting sites are at a premium says the RSPB.

Val Osborne, the RSPB’s head of wildlife enquiries, said: “At this time of year there is normally is plenty of shrubbery for birds to make safe nests in and hide from predators, but the late start to spring has meant that many leaves are yet to come out.

“Instead of their usual spots, birds may opt to build homes in more unusual places as well as ivy and other evergreens, so gardeners should stay alert and be vigilant when pottering about this weekend. If you come across a nest, leave well alone – birds that are disturbed may decide to abandon their eggs or young for fear of the site not being safe.

“This is a crucial time for our feathered friends. They’ve already been through a lot – especially the migrants with their late arrival into the country and the terrible conditions they had to contend with – so we need to make sure we help them as much as we can through the breeding season.

“ Leaving nests well alone, providing high energy food and a good supply of water should do the trick. And if you’re grooming your pets this weekend, the fur you collect in the brush will be very welcome. That goes for human hair too,

“If you have birds in your roof then they leave them in peace and hold off on any repairs until the nest is no longer in use.”

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