Link Road will cause gridlock say protesters

Haven Road
Haven Road

THE key access road to the Conquest Hospital could end up being constantly grid-locked if the new link road is built warn protesters.

Combe Haven Defenders predict that traffic on The Ridge, where the hospital is situated, and Queensway, could increase by as much as 26 percent when the road is built.

To get their message across protesters, calling themselves Grannies Are In Action, took to The Ridge, lining the road with placards.

As the protest continues, angry Bexhill residents made their views known submitted over 130 objections to Seachange Sussex’s planning application for a ‘Gateway Road’ joining the £100m Bexhill-Hastings Link Road to Wrestwood Road in Bexhill.

Grounds for the objections - which were gathered in just four hours at a stall held in Devonshire Road last Friday and Saturday - included “loss of greenfield land”, “increased carbon emissions”, “damages to wildlife habitat”, “loss of amenity areas” and “not fitting in with the character of the area”.

Andrea Needham, a spokesperson for the Combe Haven Defenders, said: “The land on which this “Gateway Road” would be built – like the land that would be built upon in the next phase of development - is all owned by Trinity College Cambridge , the richest of the Oxbridge Colleges.

“How much they will be paid for this land has not been revealed. Moreover, in a recent meeting with opponents of the Link Road that I attended, Seachange CEO John Shaw refused to say how much the “Gateway Road” would cost, or where the money would come from - and he did not rule out accepting public funds.”

So far the protest has seen campaigners demonstrating outside Government buildings in London and taking a more pro-active approach such as climbing trees and chaining themselves to vehicles.

The Combe Haven Defenders will also be holding a spring walk in the Combe Haven valley this Sunday (May 26) meeting at 2pm, Crowhurst recreation ground.