More parking restrictions on their way

BATTLE is bracing itself for a rash of double yellow lines.

And the Chamber of Commerce is warning it will drive trade out of the town to places where it easier to park.

East Sussex County Council is set to introduce parking restrictions in a number of roads and streets including Glengorse, Caldbec Hill, Battle Hill, North Trade Road, Saxonwood Road and Wellington Gardens.

But many see this as a double-blow to the town’s economy when coupled with recently increased parking charges.

Chamber of Commerce chairman Dale Cromwell said: “This could discourage people from visiting the town.

“There have been more than 60 objections to the parking proposals and just two letters of support.

“It could also have a big impact on staff who need to park.

“At present they tuck themselves away to keep the High Street and shopping area clear but the roads they park in are the very roads where double yellow lines are coming in.

“Many staff cannot afford to pay for expensive parking permits, which have gone up in price again.

“We have an amazing town here with unique character and we are doing our best to keep it a thriving, vibrant place, but this is one more thing which will make life difficult for traders.”

And Dale believes it could not only affect shops and businesses but other community events.

He said: “There are a number of activities such as fitness classes at places like the Guide Hut and the Memorial Hall but people are put off from attending as it is so difficult to park.”

The county council says the proposals are to address safety concerns which have been raised over the years and follow a number of near misses between vehicles and pedestrians and a pedestrian being hit by a lorry near Wellington Gardens.

They say they will be keeping the restrictions to a minimum.

An ESCC spokesman said: “Local people have told us about a number of roads in Battle where parked cars have been causing a safety problem and also the County Council had received a petition about North Trade Road.

“We have looked at all these concerns together and as a result, we will be putting in double yellow lines at a number of sites.

 “We are aware that, in a busy town such as Battle, we need to be careful about removing any on-street parking and these restrictions have been put in place where they are needed to improve road safety in the town.

“The new double yellow lines will be in areas which should be kept clear of parked vehicles such as junctions, or areas to protect pedestrians using the pavement or crossing facilities.”

No information is available yet as to when the work will take place and how much it will cost.