MP Amber calls meeting to tackle local eyesores

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MP Amber Rudd has called a public meeting in a bid to smarten up derelict land in Rye owned by the Environment Agency.

The fenced off Total Garage site at Winchelsea Road, has stood empty for months and become an eye-sore at the western gateway to the town.

The Grist Mill building adjacent to it also stands empty and derelict.

Eyesore sites were one of the main concerns raised by local people at the Town Meeting.

Amber has called a meeting and it will take place in the town on September 20 at 6pm at Rye Town Hall.

Rye Town Council is seeking a progress report from the Environment Agency and asking it to arrange a meeting of local stakeholders to discuss the future of the site and other land the EA holds in the town.

Rye Town Clerk Richard Farhall has suggested that the use of the land could be incorporated in a future neighbourhood planning process that a council working party is attempting to establish.

The Clerk said there are two disputes holding up development of the derelict area. One is between the EA and Total concerning terms over the surrender of the lease, while the other is between Grist mill owners Rontec and the EA to agree the division of responsibility for ground contamination.