New car wash is “eye-sore”

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A CAR Wash at Rye’s River Haven Hotel is ruining the gateway to the town say Rye councillors.

The application was widely condemned by the council’s planning committee when it met on Monday.

Chairman Adam Smith was concerned about plans to erect large Perspex screens along the road walk-way, which would block the view across to the town.

Cllr Gemma Blumire commented: “It does look quite disgusting.”

Cllr Jo Kirkham said: “The whole thing is wrong and completely out of keeping.

“We are trying to upgrade this area rather than downgrade it. It is tacky.

“Cllr Shaun Rogers said: “It looks like something from a shanty town. The brickwork is appalling and it looks like an old shed on the site.”

Rye Mayor Cllr John Breeds said: “I have every sympathy with someone trying to make a living in the current financial climate but this is an eyesore.”

Cllr Adam Smith said: “This area is a gateway to the town and the development is inappropriate.”

The committee refused planning permission but Rother Council’s planning committee will have the final say when it meets to discuss the application.