Rye’s Valley Park residents hit back at recent criticism


VALLEY Park residents have hit back after claims that they are responsible for vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Residents at Rye’s Old Brickyard say their lives have been made a misery since the new estate, off Udimore Road, became occupied.

They have complained of increased litter, vandalism, late night noise and unsupervised children using their road as an adventure playground.

But Valley Park residents say they are upset about the negative picture that has been painted about them.

Tracy Taylor said: “My parents were very upset. They were amongst the first people to move into one of the new properties and have never from day one had any trouble from children, dogs or vandalism.

“They pay full rent and council tax, both of which are above the average rent payer.

“Even the builders are as quite as mice and never on any time that I have made a visit to my parents have I seen any untoward behaviour or noise from them, they are all polite and get on with the job in hand which is to provide homes for people in need.

“I think this site was always going to cause upset to those living in the Udimore Road area as they seem to think no one else needs a roof over their heads.

“Having moved to East Sussex from London some year’s ago I feel that some people don’t realise how lucky they are to have the outstanding beauty of living in Rye, and the things that they are moaning about do not even make you bat an eyelid in the big city.

“I think some peoples comments are very upsetting and being as these people don’t even live on the new development should think before they speak, some people are very happy living on the Valley Park and anti-social behaviour is probably coming from a near-by housing estate.”

Valley Park resident Sandi Bain said: “This is a lovely place to live and we have never had any problems.

“I am amazed that some councillors object to sustainable, good quality affordable homes.

“We hope we can get together and talk to the people who are complaining.”

Sarah Edwards said Valley park has enabled her to stay in Rye. She commented: “It is great living here and I come from a Rye family. Up to now I have not even been able to afford to rent, let alone buy,”

Rye Town Council is to agenda the issue at a future meeting to try and address the concerns of Old Brickyard residents.