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Colin Boylett, 2 Park Farm Close

The Flower & Dog Show is just one week away and will be held in the Church and Queen’s Garden next Saturday (August 31), the clock is ticking so you need to get your entries in. All the usual fruit and vegetable classes, lots of domestic and handicraft classes including jams and marmalade, chutney and cakes. Handicraft sections this year include an item made from no more than 1 metre of fabric, a hand knitted garment, an item of wood, a soft toy, needlecraft or embroidery and any other article of handicraft. The photography section this year has four classes “A business in Etchingham”, “Memories”, “Food” and “Sunset”, pictures to be no bigger than 21cm x 30cm, including any mounts. The Children are not left out, there are four seperate age groups in the childrens section, draw a picture of the Queen and her dogs, make a new crown for the Queen, sock puppet, a photograph of a building in Etchingham, cupcakes and several other classes. A schedule was delivered to every house recently, look through the list, find a class that interests you and start preparing for your entry, if you have mislaid your schedule ask for another one at the Etchingham Shop and Deli.

Remember your entry fee must be included with your entry form, to be delivered to Mr. and Mrs Hinde, Englefield, High Street (near the village sign), or left at the Etchingham Shop and Deli, entries to be received by Wednesday (August 28), late entries will be accepted by noon on Friday (August 30) for an additional fee.

Entries for the Dog Show will be taken at the ring from 1.30pm, show commences at 2pm ALL dogs MUST be kept on a lead.

There will again be a display of old photos and postcards, and some interesting historical items relating to the village and the local area, in the Church throughout the afternoon.

The Etchingham Improvements Committee and Queen’s Garden celebrate 60 years since they were founded, if you have photos of Queen’s Gardens events from the last 60 years I would like to borrow them for the display, if you have suitable photos please get them to me as soon as possible.

Local author, William Wood, has just had his latest book published, “Stories for Sale” is a collection of short stories by William.

William has travelled widely since he wrote his first story, aged five, about a boat trip in stormy seas from Mevagissey in Cornwall. This selection of stories brings you his experiences of living and working in several continents. One story ‘A Daughter and a Son’ is set in occupied Norway during the second World War, ‘Carnivore’ is set in London in the near future. There are stories from the UK and Norway, Indian stories dating from the 1970’s, African adventures from the 1980’s, an Irish story from The Troubles and a mysterious tale from France.

After graduating from Nottingham University William emigrated to Australia as a “ten pound pom.” He worked as a Teaching Fellow in the then new Monash University. To his great surprise, after three years the university paid to send him back home. After a year in the UK, working as a building site labourer, he set off on a nomadic career working in India, Norway, Belgium and East and West Africa.

His writing has always seemed more important to him than his paid work and he has now settled down in our corner of Sussex to concentrate on writing full time. William’s stories have appeared in many magazines and some, including a couple in the book have been read on the BBC World Service. The book is published by Circaidy Gregory Press and is available now for purchase now from all good book sellers, online, and as an ebook and a Kindle version, the ISBN for the paperback is 978-1-906451-72-1, for the ebook version change the end digits to 71-4.

For one day only, on Sunday September 1, William’s book “A Little Book of Pleasures” is available as an e-book for 99p.

Get information for this column to me as soon as possible, if you have a diary of events planned for the year let me have the dates and I will put in a list of village events for the year so that people can put the dates in their diaries. There are several ways to get your info to me, but email is preferred because there is less chance of errors during copying. I need information by 10pm on Monday to be sure it will be in time for inclusion, I can sometimes add extra items on Tuesday morning, but this cannot be guaranteed. Just a little reminder, I get plenty of information about events that are taking place, but I get very little follow up information, after your event try and remember to send me brief account of how successful your event was, it can be as simple as a thank you to those that attended and how much money was raised etc. You can deliver to 2 Park Farm Close, telephone 01580 819532 or 07941 786244 or email .