Colin Boylett, 2 Park Farm Close

A Jumble Sale will be held in the village hall on Saturday January 25, 2pm to 4pm, in aid of ETSR, Friends of Etchingham School and the Etchingham Under Fives Playgroup.

Flood warnings and alerts, over the last few weeks the risk of flooding in the village has come and gone several times, luckily there was no serious flooding and we hope it stays that way.

Thank you to the Rother Emergency Planning Officer who arranged for sand bags to be delivered to the village in case they were needed, and thank you to Sid who also filled and supplied sand bags for those who requested them.

We should also thank the team of people who took the time on the Monday before Christmas to get most items up off of the floor in the Church to a higher level in case the water rose too high, and who put much of it back again on Christmas Eve in time for the services, and put it up again on Boxing Day after further threat of flooding.

When flood alerts and warnings are received from the Environment Agency they are posted on the village website and sent out on the E-Bulletins.

Community Speedwatch, on a very wet last Saturday before Christmas six of the Etchingham volunteers spent a couple of hours at Battle Police Station receiving training to operate Community Speedwatch in Etchingham. The group will be carrying out the first checks in the next couple of weeks, and at least once a week during February, with more volunteers available we would be able to do more frequent checks. If you want to find out more about how Speed Watch works go to the village website, follow the Speed Watch link on the left. If you are willing to be included in such a useful and necessary scheme please ring Jill Copland on 01580 819321, Colin Boylett on 01580 819532 or email . Updates on the progress of the scheme will also be posted on and on the village website. If you are concerned about the speed of the traffic through the village, get involved today.

If your organisation has events planned for the coming months, let me know the dates as soon as possible, even if you only have the date without full details, I can then put the date in the column so that people can put the date in their diary, you can then send me full details nearer the date.

Get information for this column to me as soon as possible, if you have a diary of events planned for the year let me have the dates and I will put in a list of village events for the year so that people can put the dates in their diaries. There are several ways to get your info to me, but email is preferred because there is less chance of errors during copying. I need information by 10pm on Monday to be sure it will be in time for inclusion, I can sometimes add extra items on Tuesday morning, but this cannot be guaranteed. Just a little reminder, I get plenty of information about events that are taking place, but I get very little follow up information, after your event try and remember to send me brief account of how successful your event was, it can be as simple as a thank you to those that attended and how much money was raised etc. You can deliver to 2 Park Farm Close, telephone 01580 819532 or 07941 786244 or email .