PLAYGROUNDS: Last week I said that we expected the replacement swings in Queen's Garden to be in use. Unfortunately, due to a problem with the delivery of the rubber granules that make up the safety surface, the contractors were not able to complete the work until Monday July 16. The surface has now been laid, at the time of writing both swings were fenced off to prevent access while the surface fully sets, so by the time you read this the swings should be in use. That is the good news, unfortunately part of the agility trail has had to be removed due to safety concerns, and the zip-wire in the Viper site remains out of use. These elements will remain out of full use until funds can be secured to replace those items. The swings have cost a lot more than expected because what was expected to be repair of damaged sections ended up as a full replacement of everything including the safety surfacing, this has left Parish Council with insufficient funds to replace other pieces of the equipment until funding can be secured. Parish Council is actively investigate possible sources of funding, but any suggestion are welcome. If you have any suggestions please contact the Parish Clerk, Paulette Barton 01580 819048 [email protected] ,

Friday, 20th July 2018, 7:00 am

DOGS & FLOWERS: September 8 & 9 ~ Save the dates for the church open weekend, raising funds to keep our historic church building in sound repair. By kind permission of the Improvements Committee, the weekend will include some elements of the traditional Flower & Dog Show, which is ‘having a year off’, as well as a mixture of novelty items, including music, model railways, bicycles, history displays and a prize for the best dressed marrow! Oh! ~ and lots of cake!!! There will be a photographic competition, so get snapping, the categories are “Bikes and Bikers”; “Sunny Sussex”; “Rivers lakes and Streams”; “In the Garden”. Keep the date free and look out for more details soon on notices around the village, in the August/September edition of the Parish Magazine and on the village website.

HURST GREEN: As you will be aware there is not currently a Village Voice correspondent for Hurst Green. If you are connected with with a Hurst Green group, or organising an event in Hurst Green, I am happy tom add the details to the Etchingham column if you send the information to me. Or, even better, perhaps there is someone in Hurst Green who would like to take on the Hurst Green column, if you want to know more you can contact me or the Battle Observer.

CHURCH SERVICES: The Church Services up to the end of July. This Sunday, July 22, Reverend Iain Morrison. July 29, (8.30am) Reverend Sally Epps. All Sunday services are at 11am, unless otherwise advised, please note that the service on July 29 is at 8.30am and there will not be an 11am service..

CHURCH CONTACT: Churchwardens, Mary Barnes 01580 819142 and Geoffry Lucas 01580 819439. For Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Pastoral Matters contact Reverend Sally Epps 01435 882301 [email protected]

CHURCH OPENING: The Church is open every day for visitors from 11am to 4pm.

FUTURE EVENTS: If your group or organisation has an event planned for later in the year send me the details now, I can mention it here early so people can note the date in their diaries and put the full details in nearer the date.

VILLAGE WEBSITE: The village website is provided by the Parish Council to inform residents of Parish Council and village activities. The site is updated on a voluntary basis to keep running costs to a minimum, Council agendas and minutes are published on the site and archived agendas and minutes for the last five years can also be viewed.

Information on village organisations and events is added, are the details of your village organisation on the website? If you have information that you would like to see on the site let me know so that it can be added, there is a link to the contact form at the bottom of the Home Page on the site .

Content on the website is currently being edited and updated, if you, your organisation or business has information on the site please check the content and notify any changes, deletions or additions to [email protected] there is not much value in having details on the site if things like contact details etc. are out of date.

SENDING INFORMATION: Get information for this column to me as soon as possible. There are several ways to get your info to me, but email is preferred because there is less chance of errors during copying. I need information by 10pm on Monday to be sure it will be in time for inclusion, I can sometimes add extra items on Tuesday morning, but this cannot be guaranteed. You can deliver to 2 Park Farm Close, telephone 01580 819532 or 07484 635014 or email [email protected] you will also find a form on the village website ( ) to send your information from there, look for the Village Voice link near the bottom of the column of links on the left-hand side of the website page.