Ewhurst Green, Cripps Corner and Staplecross village voice

Having been away for most of June, it is now catch up time with the big event in Staplecross on June 9 being the annual Rose Show.

With the help of the back up team, here is the report.

Despite the appalling weather, members were successful in scouring their beds and borders for roses and a wide variety of garden colour.

Rose classes:

1. One specimen named rose: 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Barry Longmuir. 3rd Doreen Beeden.

2. One specimen any variety rose: 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Sandy Collins. 3rd Ruth Close.

3. Three specimen, different variety roses: 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Barbara Fox. 3rd Sandy Collins.

4. One stem floribunda rose: 1st Barbara Fox. 2nd Joan Gilson. 3rd Anne Moore-Bick.

5. Three large flowered roses: 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Joan Gilson. 3rd Joan Butler.

6. Two old garden type: 1st Jennie Lynam. No further entries.

Flower Arranging:

7. Seasonal to include roses: 1st Pam Dance. 2nd Sandy Collins. 3rd Jo Goodwin.

8. Novices: no entries

9. Posy fit for the Queen: 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Pam Dance. 3rd Joan Gilson.

10. Novices: no entries.

Other classes:

11. Five fuchsia flowers: 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Chris Stevens.

12. Flowering pot plant (not orchid): 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Rosemary Stevens. 3rd Chris Stevens.

13. Pot foliage plant: 1st Chris Stevens. 2nd Kathleen Pettitt. 3rd Rosemary Stevens.

14. Stem of flowering shrub: 1st Daphne Longmuir. 2nd Linda Jones. 3rd Barry Longmuir.

15. Stem of shrub grown for foliage: 1st Maggie Whitaker. 2nd Linda ones. 3rd Daphne Longmuir.

16. Orchid: 1st Lizzie Stern. 2nd Sandy Collins. 3rd Peter Lynam.

17. Container of cut flowers: 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Pam Dance. 3rd Ruth Close.

18. Six spikes of sweet peas: no entries.

19. Five stems of pinks: 1st Maggie Whitaker. 2nd Peter Lynam. 3rd Ella Wood.

20. One stem of three distinct cut garden flowers: 1st Pam Underhill. 2nd Joan Gilson. 3rd Linda Jones.

21. One delphinium stem: 1st Jennie Lynam. 2nd Pam Underhill. 3rd Maggie Whitaker.

22. Seasonal vegetable/salad: 1st Chris Stevens. 2nd Pam Underhill.

Young People’s class 23. no entries

24. Edible necklace: 1st Guy Pertwee. 2nd Gem Hamilton. 3rd Reggie Stocking.

25. Decorated pots: 1st Martha Hollamby. 2nd Lilly Harley.

26. Leafy Laminates: 1st Scarlett Vincent. 2nd Rhianna Matthias. 3rd Yasmin Hamilton.

The winner of the Lady Knight Cup and the Rosaleen Bowl was Pam Underhill; second for the Rosaleen Bowl was Barbara Fox. Pam Underhill also won the Rose Show Cup with Chris Stevens as the runner up. Martha Hollamby was the winner of the Peggy Duncan Cup and Scarlett Vincent won the Sunderland Cup.

Last Saturday saw a large gathering at The Cross Inn for the annual summer barbeque held by the Ewhurst and Staplecross Bonfire Society and an important event in the Society’s calendar for fundraising.

There was music provided by the ever popular duo Stray Dogs giving a few brave souls the chance to dance the night away.

There is a big thank you to Brian and helpers from the Society, to Molly from The Cross Inn and to everyone who helped to organise and make the evening a success.

Tonight (Friday) at The Cross Inn, the Society will be holding its monthly meeting at 8pm and anyone who would like to join will receive a warm welcome.

There is good news regarding the Herdman Field as I hear the long awaited start is underway and we look forward to a smart new pavilion in due course.

Next Saturday, July 14, sees a Crafts and Produce Show taking place at Newenden, with our own Sally Young and Glenys Griffiths having a stall.

Mary Reeve, Wodens Wood, Cripps Corner