Explore Dungeness reserve at night to glimpse new world


Dungeness in the Dark on Saturday August 9 will give people a rare chance to see what happens at night on the nature reserve, and to meet the wildlife which hides away during daylight hours.

As well as barn owls, bats and moths, it is the ideal time to witness meteors as early August is the prime time of year for Perseid showers.

Dungeness is the ideal place because it is remote enough to have limited light pollution. On a clear night you can even get great views of the Andromeda galaxy.

“Dungeness becomes a different place after dark, and there is a great opportunity to star gaze as well as spot nocturnal wildlife like badgers, foxes and bats,” said Lifelong Learning Officer Heather Chantler. “We have footage of water voles and foxes for people to view, and we plan to top off the night’s adventures with hot chocolate and marshmallows.”

A moth trap will be set to explore the different species at the end of the night.

The event runs from 8.30pm - 11.30pm and booking is essential. Call or email: 01797 320 588 / Dungeness@rspb.org.uk.