Keith Pollard, Brookfield, Broadway

In church this Sunday, December 16… at St Andrews at 10.30 am, there is Parish Communion, with the service being led by the Rector. Then, on Wednesday, December 19 at St Peter’s, there are carols for All from 7 to 9 pm. I seem to recall that this service was not over-subscribed last year, so this is your chance to make up for am oversight twelve months ago. And if having a good old sing of some wonderful carols is not enough to tempt you out, then there is the promise that your mincers will be able to contemplate some mince pies, and you can keep your whistle well wetted with mulled wine.

Animal magic… It’s the RSPCA Christmas Fayre tomorrow, and the local branch, with all that it does for pet rescue, which leads to many happy humans united with animals unable to remain in their existing households for one reason or another, is fully deserving of your support. Why not nip into the village hall during ‘opening hours’, which are between 10.30 am and 1 pm. It’ll cost you 50p to get in, but you will get a cuppa, either tea or coffee, plus biscuits.

The Christmas Fair at the Village Hall… turned out far better than merely ‘fair’, with a very pleased treasurer, Frank James, thanking all those who manned their stands and the countless members of the public from both Fairlight and further abroad who parted with their money until, at the end of the afternoon, the hall’s coffers were filled to the tune of £1436. An excellent day all round.

Today at Mopp… They will be holding one of their ever popular Talent Days, when the members are encouraged to demonstrate their skills with music, poetry, reminiscences and songs. It’s true, there is a wealth of talent among the membership, and all will be expecting, and getting, a great day!

MOPP only charges £4.50 for the day including a freshly cooked meal, with today’s menu consisting of Quiche, Cheesy Mash & Salad, followed by Bread and Butter Pudding. There is a raffle and often a sales table all in aid of their funds. Lifts can be arranged but these attract a small an additional cost. For more information phone Sheila on 07774 573086.

East Field questions… Those who are supporting EFFAG – the East Field Fairlight Action Group – have been active in delving into the planning history of the site, which we now all know sits behind

The morons ride again… The circle, replete with its smart new bollards, has been assaulted by some idiot who thinks it clever to drive across it rather than following the highway. So, there may have been some who considered the gaps and spacing of the bollards would be just too inviting to the cretins who think their behaviour clever and, unfortunately, they have been proved right. What’s the answer? Ring fencing the circle with more bollards? Some boulders, preferably with large protruding nails? No, I don’t know either, but this won’t be the last time such tracks appear unless some further action is taken.

The Literary Society… had a thoroughly entertaining afternoon with the accomplished Chris McCooey, telling his Tales, Titbits and trivia of Kent and Sussex. They now take a break over the festive season, before returning on Wednesday, January 9 when the speaker will be David Harrison on the subject of Vines and Wines. No doubt some of the members will be doing a little research into the background, and foreground, of at least the latter half of the title!

The Wine and Social Club… have had their Christmas evening meal and music, the latter soundly in the hands of the ubiquitous Ken Hall. And thoroughly enjoyable it was, too. Their next ‘do’ will be seeing in the New Year, a function that was much appreciated last time round.

Fairlight in the sun… contact has been made, via Damian Bunn, formerly of the Fairlight website, with Parish Council Chairman Andrew Mier, from Gary O’Brien , an influential figure in Fairlight, a suburb of Sydney in Australia. Apparently, their suburb is named after a mid-nineteenth century property called Fairlight House by one Henry Smith in honour of his first wife, who had been born in ‘Fairlight, an historical village near Hastings, England’. Our PC Chairman is developing this new and exciting link with a township that is almost four times as large as our village, (and is also close to the very well-known Manly, another Sydney suburb and home of writer Thomas Keneally, of Schindler’s Ark fame.) There’s surely much more to come on this one, though we would not advise breath-holding until we can enjoy twinning and exchange visits! P.S. The weather there is expected to be sunny this weekend, with temperatures in the low 90s F. They may have a shower today, I’m afraid.

Patchwork quilt… the patching of Fairlight Road looks set for the night of January 4, all things being equal and barring inclement weather. This is good news, but I thought it would all have been covered in the extensive and major works undertaken earlier in the summer. But of course, the Fairlight Road is the new Forth Rail bridge…!