Jill Lewing and Wardrobe Mistress Monica Hayes with some of the 87 costumes in 'Happy As A Sandbag' at Fairlight.
Jill Lewing and Wardrobe Mistress Monica Hayes with some of the 87 costumes in 'Happy As A Sandbag' at Fairlight.

Keith Pollard, Brookfield, Broadway

In our churches this weekend… there’s Parish Communion at St Andrews at 10.30 am, with St Peters hosting Evening Prayer at 6 pm, the proper evening prayer time!

At Mopps today… there is some highly promising entertainment entitled War Days with the Land Army Girls, and a slap-up lunch of Sausage and Mash, followed by Syrup Sponge Pudding with custard. The village hall still has all David and Gill Dighton’s evocative bunting up from last week’s wartime revue, which will ad to the nostalgia.

The Parish Assembly… is this evening, at 6.30 pm in the Village Hall. It would be pleasing to see residents turn out in force to meet Parish Councillors, the District and County Councillors responsible for our patch, and our M.P., Amber Rudd. You can raise whatever you wish either one to one or in the meeting proper. Local Clubs and Organisations may make presentations, and the John Lutman Award winner for the year will be named. If you’ve never been, do give it a try – it is often very interesting! All Fairlight parishioners are very welcome and there will be light refreshments.

Happy As A Sandbag… has come and gone, and was heartedly welcomed by many, many people, apart from a small house for the first night on Wednesday – the first time the group had played a fifth performance. The remainder of the week saw very good houses attracting a 93% turnout, with Saturday packed to the gunwales. As one audience member stated, it was a contender for the group’s most entertaining evening, the longest run, the highest attendance, at 458, the cheapest setting (actually, not true – rostra to hold twelve people have to be very strongly built!), the most costumes, and the most expensive costumes. Nearly all true, then, but the show and performances of the fifteen taking part transcended those few simple facts. While there were two newcomers to a Players’ stage – Judy Welsh and Ken Hall, and two returning after a longish absence – Rebecca Prior and Keith Jellicoe, it is worth noting that eleven of the fifteen actors live in the village!

Members will now have the AGM, with its entertainment and supper, all free, to look forward to before they knuckle down to their November production, whose title and audition dates will be published before long. See this paper, or the Players’ emails or website, or the Residents’ Association email scheme.

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 20… it’s the Royal British Legion Coffee Morning, from 10 am to 12 noon in the village hall. It’s called a ‘Who? What? Where?’ event. Any questions? Yes, several – that’s the whole idea. Don’t forget, the Royal British Legion has been providing help for heroes long before Help for Heroes, and they are fully deserving of our support.

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 20 (2)… is the Active Garage Sale and Car Wash, at the Clubhouse on Wood Field at 2 pm. If the good weather is going to last, you ought to get the car washed before it does pour again. A natter and a cuppa will complete your afternoon.

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 20 (3)… is the Residents’ Association’s Spring Dance and Supper on at 7.30 pm in the village hall. The tickets were only £5 but, due to catering requirements, you’re probably too late to join the fun.

The Village Hall Spring Trestle Sale… is coming up a week tomorrow, on Saturday, April 27, from 10 am to 12 noon. The trestles are probably booked by now, so this is your reminder to go along as a customer.

Tomorrow… the advertising for the forthcoming recital by the respected, renowned pianist Valerie Tryon will go further afield than it has been so far, as the organizers have made appoint of giving the earliest opportunities to book to those in the village. The music will be of the highest quality, and the venue, St Andrews Church at 7 pm on Saturday, July 6. Tickets, which are £16, are limited, and you can get yours if you are quick, from Fairlight Post Office, for cash only. If you would prefer to pay by cheque, make it payable to Fairlight P.C.C. and apply by post to G. Wyatt, 33 Lower Waites Lane, Fairlight, TN35 4AX. The proceeds are going to the help maintain St Andrews, which is in considerable need of sustenance.

The Wine and Social Club… had their AGM last Monday, and a happy and successful year was reported. Popular Chairman Peter Jones relinquished the reins – in a typically amusing speech – and he is succeeded by Frank James. Frank’s place on the Committee has been filled by Terry Mosley. With a full programme of ten monthly meetings or events already booked before we get to 2014, you should make a note that there are a few vacancies for members keen to have a good evening out at least once a month. Christine Jones, on 813538, can tell you more details if you need them

Question Time again… at the Cove, on Wednesday next, April 24. The fun starts at 8 pm. Come on, you brainboxes – have a go!

Village of Culture…? Last week’s Hastings paper highlighted the town’s endeavour to become, along with Bexhill, UK Capital of Culture for 2017. We wish them good fortune in their efforts, especially as several of the other ten locations in the running would appear to have very strong hands to play. In the meantime, however, why is there no UK Village of Culture? Fairlight would have an excellent chance in such a project, with concert pianist Valerie Tryon soon to be a performing visitor, at the Parish Church where earlier we received the Choir of Canterbury Cathedral. We have well attended quality am dram from the Players, whose audiences always include visitors from Harwich, Ashford, Dover and Tenterden, and sell-out January humour from the Panto Group. We have been most fortunate to have had Sir Donald Sinden and Ann Rachlin as distinguished guests at the village hall. There’s the multi-faceted Fairfest, and the Literary Society meets fortnightly with a strong programme through the autumn and winter months. All-comers ply their varied music regularly at the Cove, and the Wine and Social Club’s monthly meetings are of a high and wide-ranging standard. I rest my case.

Curses! Filled again!!...Pot hole of the week has spoilt the fun this week, for the most unusual bird on the RSPB list, the Rarely Spotted Hole Filler, has beaten me to the punch, eliminating a high percentage of local holes in one fell swoop in Fairlight Avenue at the top of Ore. Driving that road was like tearing along the deep dotted line, but they must have used at least two bucketfuls to get rid of that lot. They’re getting closer to the monstrous A259 outside the school now…

Global warming…? I can’t be the only one to be thoroughly fed up with all this Global Warming. Please can we end it now, so we can get back to having fewer freezing cold days, far less rainfall, and a Spring that starts when it’s supposed to, to give gardens and gardeners a fighting chance. A poor summer is in prospect, we’re told, so that means barbeques and hosepipe bans should soon be the norm. And if we could have an improvement without extra green taxes (which are not spent on, and do little to alleviate the supposed problem) we’d all probably gladly settle for the increased risk of asphyxiation from a miniscule increase in carbon dioxide levels.