Keith Pollard

Brookfield, Broadway

In our two churches this Sunday… there will be Parish Communion at St Andrew’s at 10.30am, and then Evening Prayer at St Peter’s at 6 pm. This Sunday is Whit Sunday, or Pentecost, seven weeks after Easter and, until forty two years ago, the neighbour of the Whit Monday Bank Holiday, which was fixed for the last Monday in May, rather than having the inconvenience of Whitsun being a movable feast, slavishly following Easter however early or late that may be.

Helping others less fortunate… is the theme behind Christian Aid Week, which runs until tomorrow, Saturday, May 18. The distinctive red envelope probably came through your letter box earlier in the week and, if it has yet to be collected, there is still time to stuff it full of loose cash and notes ready to return it. If, like most people, you pay some income tax, then do fill in the declaration on the envelope so that the organisation can benefit from the charitable tax relief they can claim. For the sums involved, you will not be plunging the country into a triple dip recession (largely because a recent recount shows we didn’t really have even a double dip, though you could have fooled me!), and Christian Aid will be even more grateful for this extra 25 per cent ‘donation.’ On the collection front, all collectors will carry photo identification and a Christian Aid collector’s badge.

Last Saturday, the beginning of Christian Aid Week was marked by a coffee morning at St Peter’s Church, but other events and attractions meant that it was less plentifully attended than might have been the case. Everyone else was at home waiting for their envelopes…!

Figure it out… If you have a good head for figures, and would like to undertake a task that would be of considerable help to the community, here’s the job you have been waiting for. There is a small almshouse in the village which is in urgent need of a Treasurer (Hon., of course!) to look after the books. Usually, this will not be an over-onerous job, but it is a responsible position which requires someone both accurate and conscientious – which, I expect, describes you! If you would like to receive more details about the post, please contact the Rector, Rev Richard Barron, either by calling him on 812799, or by emailing him at rector@fairlightandpett.com

Let’s go to the pictures… the Art Club’s Annual Exhibition was extremely well attended, as it always is. And this is hardly surprising to the strictly non-artists such as me, whose stick figures look more like insects than Lowry, as the large hall was packed not only with people but also a remarkable display of pictures and ceramics, all executed by denizens of the village, or those slightly removed but nonetheless members of the club. I raise my hat to them all, which would have pleased Rene Magritte had I sat (or stood) for him.

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 18 sees the enterprising Activate Youth Club offering afternoon Tta in the village hall at 3pm. Tickets will be available on the door at £5 each, and there will be music by our highly successful and popular local band Dorey the Wise, augmented by support from Activate members. I can’t guarantee thin cut, crustless cucumber sandwiches in small, single mouthful triangles! Go along and find out for yourself!

Later on tomorrow, it’s a night at the races, as the Fairlight First Responders are having a Race Night at 7.30pm in the village hall. Tickets are £6.50 each, which includes your supper. Make sure you place a bet on number 2 in the second race. No, I have no idea who’s going to win, but it’s got as much chance as any of them!

The Tuesday Ladies Club meets next… Tuesday! That’s May 21, and the speaker will be Frank Rowson, telling of his life as a civil engineer. Don’t forget, the Tuesday Ladies proceedings commence at 2.15pm, not the now more common 2.30pm, so you must get there early so as not to miss anything!

Follow the yellow paint lines… well, you can’t. Apparently there are all sorts of rules about double yellow lines on roads – now, there’s a surprise – especially in a village, and so some enterprising soul has taken it upon him- or herself to make white marks on the kerbs outside St Peter’s in both Waites Lane and Broadway, to indicate the point north of which in Waites Lane and west of which in Broadway one should not park, as you’ll be too near the corner. I’ve no idea what offence people parked close to corners are committing; possibly Obstruction of the Queen’s Highway. Whatever it may legally be, it is certainly extremely selfish, as it exposes countless of your fellow beings to an increased chance of a major accident. And all because parkers can’t be bothered to walk an extra 10 or 15 yards. I suppose it’s too much to hope that someone will be done for it before too long. Then see the self-righteous indignation coming out!

An important letter… has been sent by our Parish Council, as promised, to Laura Graham, the Inspector considering the number of new houses that should be built in Rother by 2028. The points raised are pertinent and well put, and one can but hope that the Inspector may react appropriately. Any large number of houses built within the precinct of the parish would lead to a disproportionate need for infrastructure enhancement, like roads, as there are virtually no employment opportunities in the village, the disposal of waste water is stretched as it is, there are no primary education facilities nearer than Guestling – and all this is without considering Fairlight being within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This is not mere NIMBYism (Not in my back yard), but the proposal is madness, however you look at it.

What a wonderful spring… for dandelions. This year they are absolutely everywhere, with the larger swathes looking like an unfeasibly early rapeseed crop. On verges and in unweeded flower beds, they grow tall if not very strong. In grass, or what some may hopefully designate lawns, they cling tight to the ground, defying multiple frenzied passes with the trusty rotary or hover mower. I just feel that, if I could just discover an equally plentiful supply of burdock, I could clean up in the Root Beer market this summer…