Keith Pollard

Brookfield, Broadway

In our churches this Sunday. August 4… in the morning there is an All Age Worship service at St Andrew’s, starting at 10.30am, while the early evening will see an Informal Holy Communion service at St Peter’s at 6pm.

The ‘Exploring Christianity’ Discussion Group… which we announced a little while ago, has now settled into its programme of Wednesday meetings from 7.30 to 9 pm each week, and they are being held in St Peter’s. Even better, while the weather remains as pleasant as it has been, the sessions can be held outdoors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the Fairfest of them all…? That would be the Fairfest Summer Bash - it seemed to be a long time coming, but when it finally arrived it was well worth a visit, with a healthy stream of people coming, staying and going. A miserable morning steadily brightened, especially between midday and 2 pm, though just to prove who was in charge there were several raindrops at 4 pm, the appointed start time. They soon stopped and the rest of the day was largely pleasant, warm and dry. The beer tent – sorry, marquee – was well patronised, as was the expertly run barbeque, manned (and womanned!) by Roger and Ann Bird, John Brooker and John Dyer. The popular and highly regarded Kytes played away the balmy July evening, nicely audible throughout the village, as well as on Wood Field. The Fairfest powers-that-be have emailed their thanks to all who helped in any way to make the afternoon/evening the success it undoubtedly was. In our turn, on behalf of the village, we thank them for their planning and efforts on our behalf: it’s all much appreciated.

Cricket, lovely cricket…A very welcome sight at the Summer Bash was that of a number of young men and boys playing some free and easy cricket, for the first time on Wood Field since regular matches were abandoned in 2007. Some of those involved had played at Fairlight and were previously members of Icklesham Cricket Club, also now defunct, but all currently active with the Hastings and Bexhill Barbarians Cricket Club. One local player in particular is Tom Bitmead, and he and some of his colleagues would enjoy, say, three or four proper matches at Fairlight each season in memory of the good old days of yore. As the cessation in 2007 was caused partly by the difficulty in getting the wicket ready, some thought and planning would have to go into the resumption of matches. Not only the actual wicket, but the repair of a fairly large number of potholes in the outfield made by squirrel excavations. Without repairs, there’ll be more leg breaks than you’d get from Shane Warne. If you could be interested in this revival of Fairlight Cricket, please let me know, and I’ll link people and plans together. Hopefully, next summer…?

Pothole-free asphalt…? You don’t believe it, do you? But it’s true, though being East Sussex it isn’t a road. It’s a large rectangle at the bottom of Wood Field, just into Knowle Wood, and it’s the hard court home of the thriving, friendly Fairlight Tennis Club. So, a fantastic performance by Andy Murray ensured that the Wimbledon Men’s Singles title went to a Brit for the first time for 77 years. But Fairlight Tennis Club has been, like a tatty rug in a fifth-rate hotel bedroom, unbeaten for seven years. How many matches does this time-span cover? That, I’m told, is classified information. The club welcomes newcomers of whatever ability, and the man to speak to is Terry Jay, on 812146.

Our congratulations to Kate and Wills… on the safe delivery of George, all 8lb 6oz of His Royal Highness. This achievement can be compared with that of Table Tennis Club Secretary Carol Ardley, who tells me she has been safely delivered of a fourth brand new table for the club’s use. Tuesday evenings, right through the year, is when they operate, so go along and you’ll soon overcome your rustiness. Your first two or three sessions can be undertaken before you join, just so you can check your fitness level. Like the tennis club, they’re a friendly lot who will welcome you warmly (it’s the weather!), and then run you ragged…!

Forewarned… The Tuesday Ladies Club’s next meeting will be their Members’ Summer Lunch, which will take place in the village hall on August 20 (yes, of course it’s a Tuesday), and to allow plenty of time for a leisurely luncheon, the meeting is timed at 12.30 for 1 pm.

Many thanks to the Parish Council and the church… whose enterprise has led to the placement of four neatly sign-written red-on-white No Parking signs, replete with indicative arrows, outside St Peter’s, with two in Broadway and two in Waites Lane. However, previous efforts aimed at dissuading errant and selfish car owners suggest the signs may need the follow-up of some elementary reading lessons, or possibly new reading glasses, as we appear blessed with a lot of no-see parkers!

Speedwatch trainees… Cllr Linda Eades has, in addition to herself and Cllr Val Gibbs, got eight people who are willing to be trained to check on speedsters. Any more offers? You’ll find Linda’s email details under the Council heading on our fairlight.org.uk website

The Parish Council vacancy… has been filled by the co-option of the sole willing candidate, Charles Mendelson. Welcome aboard, Charles. Now the hard work can commence!

The recent council meeting attracted considerable discussion about the possible closure of the twitten that feeds through from Knowle Road into Knowle Wood. As yet, the closure is not confirmed as definite, and Cllrs. Andrew Mier and David Thatcher are in discussion with the relevant landowner in hopes that an outcome satisfactory to both parties can be discovered.

Sweet peas… gave the Rector success at Fairlight Gardening Club’s Summer Show last week. Our tongue-in-cheek congratulations must be extended this week, as he hopped over the valley to the Pett Flower Show, and did it all again. Rev Richard Barron will be presenting a talk on the growing of Sweet Peas to the Gardening Club in the spring of 2014. Before that – next Monday, actually – there will be their August talk, given by Nigel Gossling and entitled Reflecting Climate Change - Mediterranean plants and herbs. The venue is the village hall at 2.30pm.

First things first… First Responders things, that is. And there are two newly trained members joining the Fairlight Community First Responders. Janet Lutman and Diane Mendelson have passed their intensive two weekend training course and will now be joining Dot James in supporting the ambulance service by attending 999 calls within Fairlight. They are volunteers and have been trained to deal with immediate life-threatening situations. Both are to be kitted out with appropriate life saving equipment such as a defibrillator for cardiac arrests, and oxygen. Congratulations go to Janet and Diane on passing the course - they are now eager to getting under way with their community support. Should you wish to learn more about the First Responders’ invaluable work, and maybe volunteer yourself, give Liz Brooker a call on 813149.

Water, water everywhere… After the recent Sunday Mains Fracture down Battery Hill, we’ve had another one, this time in Lower Waites Lane, which was firstly the pipe, then a valve and then a possible gas leak. It’s unpredictable and sure to happen again, who knows where, who knows when. But the good news that emerged at the Council meeting was that we are slated for the renewal of our water main in April 2014. Wonderful!

The Trefoil Guild… ‘Naughty but nice’ was the title of the July meeting of the Fairlight Trefoil Guild, with members bringing along cakes which were duly tasted, and then everybody had to guess the ingredients. After eating as many as possible, those who decided they liked the cakes purchased the recipes from those who had cooked them with the money going into funds.

The remainder of the ten challenges for the 70 years of Trefoil were discussed and the meeting resolved who would be doing what. Ideas for a banner, which each Guild has been asked to produce, were discussed and they will get down to putting it together in the near future.

For the August meeting, they will be having the Sussex East Trefoil Dark Horse and Discovery co-ordinator giving a talk about how to enter this part of Trefoil. There will be more news on this subject as soon as all understand what it is all about!

In September the Guild meeting will be held in the home of one of their members, encompassing a social and a lunch, so they will be giving St Peter’s a miss that month. If there’s anything about Trefoil on which you would like further information, you can get it all from Betty Snow on 812694.