In our churches this Sunday… we have an 8 am service of Holy Communion at St Peter’s, followed in fairly short order by the 10.30 am service of Morning Praise at St Andrew’s. Don’t forget, this Sunday, April 13, is Palm Sunday, and we’re into the home straight for the supremely important time of the church year at Easter.

Here’s a précis of what is coming up. On Maundy Thursday, April 17, there’s Holy Communion at 7.30 pm at St Peter’s. On Good Friday, April 18, you may care to join the Good Friday Walk of Witness, which will start at the Pett Methodist Chapel at 10 am and walk to St Mary & St Peter, Pett, hardly a route march, but gently significant nonetheless. At 10.30 am there’s a short Meditation, including visual as well as verbal content at St Andrew’s. On Easter Day, Sunday April 20, there will be an early start, at approximately 5.45 am, for the sunrise service on the Firehills (with the sunrise at 5.50 am), and this is to be followed by breakfast at St Andrew’s. If you could be able to help with preparation and serving of breakfast, it would be very helpful if you would ring Maureen Baines, on 813392, and offer that help. The day will continue with Parish Communion at 10.30 am at St Andrew’s, and later Evening Prayer at St Peter’s at 6 pm.

And a date correction for the forthcoming Consultation Evening, which will be on Tuesday, May 13. This date is in the middle of Christian Aid Week, of which more news anon. The consultation process is aiming to create a three-year plan which will work towards making the church in Fairlight the heart of the community. As, indeed, many will think it should be.

The Players’ April show… is the very funny Holiday Snap by Michael Pertwee and John Chapman, which will run in the village hall from Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 April, at 7.30 each evening and with a 2.30 matinée on the Saturday. Unbelievably, the show is not yet sold out, and if you’re quick you can pick up tickets for any of the four performances. Tickets remain at £6 each, and are available at the Post Office. For those for whom a trip to Fairlight to book presents difficulties, Carol Ardley, on 814178 or at Carolardley@aol.com will be pleased to make he arrangements for you.

The Garden Club… met on Monday, and were pleased to welcome the return of Jacqui Aviolet, talking about The History and Propagation of Pelargoniums, and also offering plants for sale. Jacqui was a late substitute for George Puddefoot, whose talk had to be postponed due his being unwell. It is hoped that he will be along later in the year when he is better, to share some at least of his knowledge and expertise in the fuchsia field.

A special walk tomorrow… organised by the Friends of Hastings Country Park, when Dr Owen Johnson will be leading a Tree Walk. I don’t suppose it will be anything like the most famous tree walk of all time, that of Great Birnam Wood towards Dunsinane, which is all well and good when you consider what that walk led to. The latest of Dr Johnson’s popular walks is from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm, taking a close look at trees in springtime. If you’re going, they meet at Barley Lane car park, and if you need more details, Jill Howell, on 815256, can probably supply them.

AGM time… for the Wine and Social Club, and it’s coming up on Monday next, April 14, in the village hall at 7.30 pm. Then a glass of wine, or two, will set you up for the Quiz of the Year. Members are urged to be there, and to have their say.

Next Tuesday, April 15… it’s the TLC, the Tuesday Ladies Club’s monthly meeting, which will be a demonstration by our invaluable Fairlight First Responders, plus a quiz. I hope the quiz is not too hard… they might need the First Responders! It all begins at 2.15 pm in the village hall. Visitors, including the menfolk, are very welcome on payment of a small fee, which is £2.

Sewer far, not sewer good… the fenced off hole in the road opposite our retail estate remains open, untouched and uncared for. The zither music I reported seems to have gone, but there are party sounds emanating from the subterranean dive. Judging by the four pairs of close set eyes, this time it’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, celebrating their 30th birthday, no doubt.

Football mania… many, perhaps most, boys are football mad to some degree or another, and four weeks in Brazil in the middle of summer will increase the passion. But all those you see on the telly, even if they’re earning (or, rather, getting) £1m a month, had to start somewhere. And very often that somewhere is a well-organised local club. Could almost be describing Icklesham Casuals, established more than 75 years ago, and now looking for keen, promising youngsters to join them for their 2014-15 season. You have to be 16 or over to play in their league, the East Sussex Football League, but even if you are not yet old enough but would be interested in playing in the future, then please have a word with David Mayne, on 424986, or Bob Baker, on 0797 441 9738 and see if and when you might get involved. They are also interested in attracting anyone who would like to help running the club either before, during or after matches. There is a club email, too, which is ickleshamcasualsfc@hotmail.com

The Royal British Legion, Pett, Fairlight, Guestling and Icklesham Branch… invite you to come and enjoy a Cream Tea at the newly refurbished Beach Club, Pett Level on Wednesday, April 16 at 3 pm. It will only cost you a paltry £5.50 per head. If you’d like to book now, call Margaret or John Pulfer on 814866. The RBL is an organisation deserving of all support, and going out to tea will help them and spoil you. Make your call!

Don’t just leave it… or you’ll regret it. ‘It’ being the second Fairlight piano recital by Valerie Tryon, who will be playing in St Andrew’s on Saturday, May 10, commencing at 7 pm. Minor changes in her programme have been announced, and we’ll give you a firm update next week. Meanwhile, you can still make sure of your place by contacting Geoff Wyatt on 813300.

Stop illegal off-roading in the countryside… Anyone who sees illegal or anti-social off-road driving on paths in the countryside is being asked to report it to the police using the new 101 phone number. Sussex Pathwatch is a special service that has been set up to help protect the safety of everyone using rights-of-way, fields and woodland and to prevent the damage and danger that illegal off-roading can cause. In addition to phone contact, you can email contact.centre@sussex.pnn.police.uk Angela Ward, ranger for the South Downs National Park, said ‘Most people driving off-road do so legally and with consideration for other people. Unfortunately there are a small minority driving illegally. They put everyone’s safety at risk, give legal drivers a bad name and cause damage to the countryside’. Sussex Police have been able to catch illegal off-roaders in the act and serve notice, which means that if they reoffend in the next 12 months their vehicle, be it car or motorbike, will be impounded and possibly crushed.

Another setback… for the A259. If earlier reports had been believed, the running sore in front of the Hastings Academy would have been dealt with by now. But it has been postponed, and will be repaired on Wednesday and Thursday of this coming week, that’s April 16 and 17. Under no circumstances should you hold your breath. Unless, of course, you’re actually driving over it in the meantime.

Spring is here, and the unseasonal global-warming strength warmth plus refreshing rain (!) has led to rapidly accelerated growth all around. Unfortunately, this growth includes an expanding pothole in the very stretch of Waites Lane that has already been treated. You can’t win ‘em all…

Keith Pollard, Brookfield, Broadway