Fairlight village voice

Busy Sunday… in our churches this week. At 8 am there will be Holy Communion at St Peters, led by Rev Kay Burnett, followed by Morning Praise at St Andrews, with the service being led by Lay Reader Ken Holmes. And finally, back to St Peters for Evening Prayer, led by Richard Baines, at 6 pm.

And don’t forget that there are Lenten Bible Studies at St Peter’s Church every Thursday during March, commencing 2.30pm. Rev Kay Burnett will lead a study on St John’s Gospel.

It’s tonight… the Activate Bingo Evening is in the village hall this evening, starting at 7.30 pm. £5 gains you admission, a ploughman’s supper, and access to the bar and a raffle.

Thinking caps on… on Saturday, March 24, when the Players will be hosting a Quiz Night together with a supper, plus the usual bar and raffle. It starts at 7.30 pm and tickets, at £6.50 each, are available from Carol Ardley, at Mistral on the Circle, or call her on 814178 to stake your claim before they all go! Those who have spotted this upcoming event in Fairlight News, and have been waiting with bated breath for tickets to come on sale, are asked to note that the date has been put back by a week from its original St Patrick’s Day timing, because there seem to be a fair number of alternative entertainments available on that day

Police presence… at the Parish Council meeting last week. The reports he presented on criminal activities in the village were benign, but it is worth reminding you what those present were told – to report non-urgent matters to the police, simply call them on 101. A useful number to remember.

Plans are afoot… for the Market Garden site, where Gemselect are aiming to build 23 new properties, eight of which will be sheltered flats. The company will be holding a public meeting in the village hall in the near future so that all in the village who are interested to learn about their proposals will have a chance to examine the plans and ask a few questions. We’ll let you know when this is taking place.

The Parish Council… is determined to present its final plans for the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at the next council meeting. In the meantime several different aspects applicable to the event are still being weighed in the balance. Again, you’ll be the first to know!

It was reported at the Parish Council meeting, with regret, that the Clerk to the Council, Rod Tice, is to leave his post. He has been an excellent Parish Clerk of the very highest order, and will be a hard act to follow, especially in view of the fact that a number of parishes are without a clerk of their own. Do you know anyone suitable?

In the Council’s Open Forum, Paul Capps commented on the state of the hedges along the Fairlight Road, saying that as they became more luxuriant, they forced vehicles, particularly buses and other larger vehicles, to straddle the white line. As if by telepathy, the very next morning the hedges were aggressively attacked and cut back, leaving them looking not unlike those skeletal trees in France during the First World War. As Paul further observed, the hedge-cutters can only get so high, leaving the cut hedges with a sort of lollipop effect, bulging out at high level, and still forcing large vans out into the centre on the road. The cutting exercise proved this very effectively.

Hedging one’s bets… still on the subject, there’s a black spot you should be aware of in Martineau Lane. Making for the A259 from Fairlight, about half way along the tunnel-like flat stretch, there is a large amount of greenery on your nearside protruding some three or four feet which, if you happen to be forced close by oncoming traffic, will attack your paintwork like a shot-blaster. Make sure you hang back rather than hitting it – you’ll be glad that you did!

Scouting for funds… The nearest Scout Group to our village operates from their hut in Church Lane, Guestling. They are the 14th Hastings Guestwell Scout Group, and you may care to have a look at their website. Young people from Fairlight have been members of this group over the years, and there may well be current members now. Now funds are needed to renovate the Scout Hut, and if you would like to support this fine cause, please direct all enquiries to Matthew Barden, 384 Old London Road, Hastings TN35 4BB, or email him at matt.barden@hotmail.co.uk

A very long shot... With wonderful persistence and optimism, the owners of Brook, a five year old chocolate Labrador, are trying to secure his return. He was stolen from outside his home in Lancashire in April 2011. He is still missing and his owners are actively campaigning for his return. Is he being kept as a breeding Sire? Have you seen such a dog locally with which you are unfamiliar and which you had never noticed before? Go to www.findbrook.co.uk to meet Brook and see if, by some fortunate and outside chance, you might recognise him.

The County Libraries Service is consulting us all about the services they provide to rural areas and about the mobile service (which comes to Fairlight on alternate Tuesday Mornings in Shepherds Way, south of the Circle). For individuals, there is a survey available, called ‘Have your say about libraries’. It can be completed online at www.eastsussex.gov.uk/haveyoursay

Fresh from yet another heavily sold box office success, the Pantomime Group have their AGM on Friday next, March 16 at 7.30 pm in the village hall. All members are urged to attend, have a listen and, under Any Other Business, their say.

Keith Pollard, Brookfield, Broadway.