Fairlight village voice

The most important time in the church’s year… starts today, Good Friday, with at 10.30am at St Andrews with a Meditative Service remembering Jesus’ crucifixion on the Cross. The service will be led by Rev Kay Burnett.

On Easter Sunday, April 8, there is the usual 6.15 am Dawn Service on the Fire Hills led by the Salvation Army, capturing the sunrise and celebrating Jesus resurrection from the Tomb. On a more mundane note, the service is followed by breakfast at St Andrew’s church. A little later that day sees an 8 am Holy Communion service, led by Rev Kay Burnet, at St Peters. At 10.30 am Rev Frank Rowson leads Holy Communion in a Celebration of Jesus rising from the dead, ‘He is risen’, at St Andrews, and the church day ends back at St Peters in Evening Prayer led by Richard Baines at 6 pm

Players’ tickets… are now on sale at the Post Office for their soon on-stage production of The Murder of Maria Marten or, The Red Barn, Brian J Burton’s totally hilarious (and, incidentally, moving) renowned melodrama, which has been wowing audiences for several years. With live music by the supremely talented Iain Kerr, and direction by Keith Pollard (who he?) the run from April 26 to 28 promises to be as entertaining as last year’s April offering, Not Now Darling. Tickets are still only £5, verily a meagre price to pay to forget credit crunches, granny and pasty taxes and hosepipe bans for a while!

Another Players’ date… before they get to their April production, the Players have another of their increasingly popular quarterly Poetry Evenings. It’s this coming Wednesday, April 11 in some convenient corner of the under-decoration village hall at 7.30 pm.

Bless my SatNav… having worked out how to programme my SatNav to avoid the few remaining pothole along Fairlight Road and Martineau Lane, I am now able to look a little higher as I drive. The ivy covered tree-wreck in Martineau Lane has already been mentioned here, and now I find that there is a great deal of other tree matter over this particular road which seems to be in danger of impaling some unwary motorist. As for the ivy-clad item the subject of my original warning, that could well be across the road sooner than you think. It’ll be an ill wind…

It’s on us at last… the promised road closure at the Ore end of Fairlight Road is scheduled to commence on April 9, ostensibly for four weeks (which it certainly will be if the job is commenced and then left unmanned for days on end as were the earlier works further down this stretch) All access to the A259 and Hastings will be via Martineau Lane (now there’s great news – see item above) and, thanks to the ministrations of Cllr Richard Pollard, buses will be following this route, too. Mind how you go.

After the Fayre… The RSPCA held its Fayre almost a fortnight ago, and it is time to remind you that Anne Craske, of the local RSPCA branch, has a dog food bank for people who have financial difficulty feeding their dogs, the elderly or people on benefits. Any and all enquiries, whether you would like to be a donor or a recipient, should be made to Anne on 813434, between 10 am and 6 pm only, seven days a week.

The Acorn Project in Zambia… for which Suzy Gailbraith and Betty Snow organised a coffee morning last Saturday, was more thinly attended than anyone would have wished. Perhaps the good villagers are full of caffeine following a recent spate of coffee mornings and events. The upshot is that Ann Rudy’s African project will not benefit as highly as might have been expected. Of course, you are always welcome to contact either of the organisers to make a charitable donation direct, but if not, please support their next event when it comes along The object is to raise much needed funds for in Zambia. This project is run by, who was born in Hastings, but moved to Zambia in 1965 will be looking out to see you there!Tripping the sight fantastic… Word comes that there are two very special outings in the offing. The first is on Saturday, June 16 to Southampton for a river trip to view the Cunard liners, which will be in port as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, slightly anticipating the line’s 175th Anniversary which will fall in 2015. Cunard’s principal 175th event will be held in Liverpool, where the Line was founded in 1840. However, the modern Cunarders all show Southampton on the stern as their Port of Registry. Your costs for this lovely day out will be approximately £40, which is to include a 3 course lunch on board your boat.

The other day out is to the West End on Wednesday, August 1 to see a matinee performance of ‘Singing in the Rain’ and, considering the prices of theatre tickets these days, the ticket plus coach price of approximately £40 is an absolute bargain.

Both trips are being organised by that experienced expert Christine James, and are being run under the aegis of the Wine and Social Club. Better get your skates (or galoshes for the second trip) on and ring Christine on 813538 toot sweet.

The meaning of Free Range… Tracey Bunn, of Primrose Hill, has lost a standard brown chicken, when she escaped from the garden and hasn’t come back. If anyone has seen or taken one in, please give Tracey a call on 813673Open Gardens in Fairlight… In June a number of Fairlight residents will be opening their gardens to the public in order to raise funds to support the ‘Fairlight First Responders’. In addition to opening their garden, Denise Lamb also intends to run a book stall. If you have any unwanted books that you could donate towards this cause, please ring 813071, or email timber_ridge01@yahoo.co.uk, leaving your name, address and telephone number. Denise will then contact you to arrange collection. Surely a worthy cause!

The village hall is closed for re-decoration… and how, I thought, will that affect MOPPS’ highly popular and well organised Friday lunchtime meal and get-together for older people? Well, for the next two Fridays, starting today, they will be having their lunches next door in St Peters church, following the offer made by the church for which the MOPPS team is very grateful. In fact, today the lunch is being given at no charge to the recipients by Sylvia Gutsell, in celebration of her receiving the John Lutman Community Service award last December. What a pleasant gesture – and one that will be highly appreciated by all.The children’s playground… is again up and running, swinging, climbing and sliding on Wood Field, following its refurbishment, repainting and re-fencing by the Parish Council, with the project under the leadership of Cllr Jennifer Annetts. There’s new stuff to try, too. Let’s hope it gets plenty of use while the weather stays as pleasant as it has been recently.

The Parish Council… is to undertake a refurbishment of the bus shelter on the west side of Waites Lane just below its junction with Knowle Road. One of the estimates the Council is seeking is already to hand, and this work will no doubt be under way before long. We’ll keep you posted.

Having your cake and… It has been decided that Fairlight’s Jubilee celebration will be held on Monday, June 4, because there is likely to be so much available to entertain us on the Sunday that we would be tugged in all sorts of directions at once. Now we will be able to sit at home on the Sunday and watch others celebrating (in the rain?). Meanwhile an application has been entered to hold a street party in Broadway. Watch this space!

Coming up soon… There’s a charity evening entitled ‘Party for Parkinsons’ on Saturday April 28, from 7 to 11.45 pm in Pett Village Hall. This special ‘do’ will cost you £25 per person, a price which includes casino tables, Tush & Pat’s famous fish rolls, cold cut buffet and music by The Kytes. The bar in being run by The Two Sawyers. To quote the organisers - dress to impress, but no stilletos! Tickets for the fundraiser are available from Lynda Watson on 716257 or Sarah Harris at The Two Sawyers. As this date coincides with the final night of the Fairlight Players’ Maria Marten, you’ll have to see the play on another evening if you plan on going to Pett!

Nor any drop to drink… ! The thought that we are to have what is commonly called a ‘hosepipe ban’ is likely to take no-one by surprise, but the bad news is that it started for us yesterday, April 5. The ban has been imposed by Southern Water, our supplier. All the details are to be found at Drought 2012 - Water restrictions. The national press has been full of certain exceptions, which can in some areas include power-hosing a path or patio for health and safety reasons, but it would be a good idea to check with Southern Water before using your hose for anything at all while the ban is in place.

Some people may have read a recent Public Notice in the local press which said that the ban did not apply to those over 65 watering their gardens, but that notice was posted by South Eastern Water, which is not our supplier. According to Southern Water, ‘The Order may be found at www.southernwater.co.uk/wateruseorder, and the Company will consider instances of significant hardship or water efficiency for concessionary exceptions, which may be subject to conditions. Please call us on 0845 278 0845.’ You have been warned!

Keith Pollard, Brookfield, Broadway