Fairlight village voice

In our churches on Sunday… at 10.30 am at St Andrew’s it will be time for Morning Praise, with speaker Rev Frances Baldwin, Chaplain of the Conquest Hospital.

Later in the day, at 6 pm, there’s an Informal Communion service, which will be led by Rev Frank Rowson.

Treasure Hunt…? Last Saturday’s on-foot Church Treasure Hunt was, sadly for the organisers and for the church, sparsely attended as, once again, ‘climate change’ made the weather too unsettled for many to be encouraged to participate. The only hunt preoccupying most in the village was a search for a little sun and a spot out of the blustery wind.

All together in the Floral Club… whose Flower Festival will be taking place in the village hall this Saturday and Sunday, July 21 and 22, from 10.30 am to 4.00 pm each day. Admission is by programme, price £2, on the door. The Club’s Festivals are biennial events (though this one is actually triennial, as their last, entitled ‘May we entertain you?’ was in 2009.) This year you will be able to see a superb and imaginative show entitled ‘Tempus Fugit’ – ‘Time flies.’ The amount of work that has gone into this event, and the quality of all that effort, are remarkable, and the show deserves to attract a massive turn-out!

Just like last year… The Bowls Club recently hosted yet another hugely successful Open Tournament. Many clubs from the surrounding area entered teams to compete for this highly sought-after title, and after some very good bowling a team from Ham Street Bowling Club emerged victorious. However, the real winner on the day was the Club’s nominated charity ‘Help for Heroes’. While not quite matching last year’s outstanding total, a donation of approximately £1,200 will be made shortly to this very worthwhile cause. The Bowls Club expresses its thanks and gratitude to all those who so generously supported this event.

And after all of Sunday’s hard work, a group of 29 Club Members ventured to the wilds of Norfolk for a five day bowling break. As last year, this was thoroughly enjoyed by all - particularly and unusually as the weather was so kind.

The Gardening Club Show… took place last Saturday, and, despite the lack of sun and the surfeit of rain, the members came up with a fine selection of exhibits. Entry numbers were, not unexpectedly, a bit down, and it would have been nice to have a few more, but those who did enter were very worthy winners. The Jill Howell and Alan Parker team scooped no fewer than four trophies, winning the Dick Ford Cup for best flower exhibit, the T.W.E.F.S. Cup (nobody seems to know what these initials stand for, but I would suggest The Wettest Ever Fairlight Summer!) for best sweet peas, the Jack Hayward Cup for the greatest number of first prizes in the show, and the Nick Carter Trophy for highest number of points in the Vegetable section. Sue Clarke won both the Charles Long Trophy for the best rose and the Alliance and Leicester Trophy for the best exhibit in the fruit section. Molly Clegg won the Bob Liddon Trophy for best pot plant, and John Eveleigh the Dennis Burgess Trophy for the best exhibit in the vegetable section. The flower arranging trophy went to Shirley Lancaster. Last, but by no means least, Richard Baines won the Brian Ardley Domestic Challenge Cup for the most points in the domestic section. John Parker’s one potato in a bag produced a massive crop of just over 5lbs, which made him another winner. The children’s section was a treat, with the play group all making garden models built on cardboard tubes. First prize was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, second The Stick Man, and third The Frog, while the others - Hickory Dickory Dock, The Butterfly, Flower Rainbow and Our Summer Garden – all deservedly being Very Highly Commended. All in all this was a lovely entry from the children.

Local Council cuts… There has been quite a bit of correspondence to and from East Sussex CC over the quantity and quality of grass cutting being undertaken in the village. The length of the grass on verges, particularly in Meadow Way and Knowle Road, has led to the council checking the contractor’s vehicle tracking system to ensure that cuts were actually made when claimed. We have recently had our second cut, out of the five that we are entitled to between April and October, although more questions have been asked about the weeds growing in various gutters at the kerb-line, and a system has been introduced to ensure that these are strimmed and killed off. Surely we can get these minor matters organised efficiently; if not, what hope is there for getting right something of such life-threatening importance as the reform of the House of Lords?

Torch Song… Well, did you see it go by? I hear it has proved difficult to get tickets to participate in the fun in Hastings, and it’s only a pity that the timing could not have coincided with the chestnut season. As for seeing the torch on its journey to Rye, it was to cease being carried visibly along the A259 just at the end of Martineau Lane, so if you think you saw it after this point, it was probably in a white van whose driver was lighting his fag.

Poets’ Day… Numbers attending the Fairlight Players’ Poetry Group evenings have been a little down at the last two meetings, and now the group is hoping that good word of mouth reminders will encourage those who have slipped ‘under the radar’ to resume their attendance at the next meeting, which will take place on the evening of Wednesday, October 10.No doubt this item will be repeated nearer that date, but if you’re interested and reading it now, get a note in your diary!

Evening all… The Police, in the person of James Scott, whose rank I’m afraid I don’t know, have let us know that there is now a Public Engagement officer in post, which has really improved the communications that are being sent out via the community contact system, and also via Twitter. Mr Scott would really like to encourage any of you who are not registered to receive these emails to get in contact with him with your email address and your postcode and he will put you onto the system.

It is through this system that crime prevention advice, urgent warnings of current scams and weekly crime updates from the local sergeants are being disseminated. Should you have any specific questions, please contact the force by email to james.scott.01@sussex.pnn.police.uk, or phone 101 ext 64225, or mobile 07769-935896

A semi-update… talks are taking place, and various residents lobbied, about the possible development of the field behind Pett Level Road, Waites Lane and Broadway, which is apparently called East Field. This subject has acquired a higher profile recently, and was warmly discussed at the last Parish Council meeting. It does seem as if the local planners are adopting an arrogant ‘Mother knows best’ attitude that means they will go their own sweet way regardless of the wishes or opinions of local residents. So much for democracy at work. As soon as there is a positive outcome in the formation of a discussion and action group in the village, we shall let you know.

Marching banned…? Not at Fairfest (which will be on Sunday August 26) because it will commence with a Children’s Fancy Dress competition; those involved will be able to meet at the Circle at 11.30 am to form a Marching Band to go up Commanders Walk in a special Parade (with the Fairfest King and Queen - whoever they may be!) ready to open the proceedings at midday. Judging will take place once the Festival starts. In the meantime, Wendy Hatch on 812297 has all the details.

Read all about it… Fairlight News, the popular quarterly magazine serving the village which, along with Andrew Mier’s excellent village email distribution, is the principal point of contact for most people with their Residents’ Association, has a new Editor. He is Roland Friday, who can be contacted on 813668 or at rolandfriday@gmail.com. As promised, the News production will be undertaken by a team, rather than by an individual, and Roland will have Ken Hall as Sub-editor and Joan Hall as proof reader, both on 812729, and Ken at ken.hall2@virgin.net and Joan at crazy.ken@virgin.net. Mary Stewart will liaise with Clubs and Committees for their copy, and she is to be found on 813031 or at marypeterstewart@btinternet.com. Distribution is in the hands of Sally Watson on 813662 or at sallywatson47@hotmail.com. Apart from this promising selection, the Association is under the Chairmanship of Joyce Grant, with Secretary Lyn Mosley (812144 or lyn.mosley@btinternet.com) and Treasurer Peter Norris (814328 or p.norris@homecall.co.uk)

Meanwhile, time’s a-wastin’. Mary Stewart is in the process of contacting all club/committee contributors for their submissions, which must be received by Monday, August 6. If you have any other (i.e. non-club) articles or news for the September issue please contact the Editor, Roland Friday.

Keith Pollard, Brookfield, Broadway