Fairlight village voice

All quiet on the Fairlight front…

No services in the village this Sunday, but there is a United Benefice service of Holy Communion at St Mary & St Peter’s Church in Pett. Not sure of the start time, but Pett seems normally to begin at 9.30 am, (while Fairlight would be at 10.30am.) Check it out before you go!

Roll on the next activity at St Peter’s in Broadway, whose churchyard is its usual immaculate self, with the church standing proud as you drive up Waites Lane, and the signage to Lower Waites Lane unobscured and clearly visible below ‘Broadway’! The next service there is in a fortnight, the second Sunday in the month.At a loose end tomorrow…? A pleasant spell, and the garden’s up to scratch again. Why not nip down to Mallydams Wood tomorrow, Saturday 28, where they have an Open Butterfly Trail event from 12 noon to 3 pm? You could enjoy a self-guided walk in the RSPCA woodland, visit the bird hide and just follow the butterfly trail. This event is free, and no booking is required. Last entry is at 2.30 pm.

Tempus Fugit… said the posters for the Floral Club’s Flower Festival last weekend. Time may fly but, unfortunately, so do people. Sadly, the numbers attending were well below what many would have hoped for and, indeed, for the turnout the displays warranted. The event was certainly unlucky that it was vying with decent weekend weather and, on the Sunday, Pirate Day and the Red Arrows in Hastings. The festival programme mentioned the hard work that had gone into the 31 exhibits and, while such effort was self-evident, what was even more impressive was the flair, imagination and artistic and technical arranging skills on show. It would be invidious to mention just one or two entries, as all were excellent and several quite outstanding. I’m only glad that one concerning the Olympics could be enjoyed and taken home before the Compliance Police noticed the five rings…

Earlier this week… on Tuesday, the Parish Council had its July meeting. Unfortunately, this was just after this week’s Voice had gone to press, and so the devil which several fear may be in detail of the potential housing development behind Pett Level Road, Waites Lane and Broadway will have to wait until next week for a Voice message. The lobbying among concerned villagers – and by no means only the Nimbys – continues, and a group calling itself EFFAG (or East Field Fairlight Action Group) seems about to emerge into the sunlit uplands of the village. More news will follow shortly, and there will probably also be further comments on the subject of payment for green bin emptying, yet another and even more widespread point of dissatisfaction for Rother residents.

Thanks very much… to Andrew Mier, who has for some long time been the hands-on man behind the Fairlight Residents’ Association’s email scheme, communicating often daily to hundreds of locals with bang up-to-date information about busses running, or roads closed, and other valuable and instant nuggets of news, as well as reminders of what’s coming up over the horizon. Andrew’s commitment to the scheme probably dates back to the time when he was FRA Chairman, and has continued despite the fact that, in the meantime, he has become a Parish Councillor, then Vice-Chairman and, finally, for the past year, Chairman of the Parish Council. In thanking Andrew on behalf of all the village residents, and not merely those who subscribed to the scheme, we wish ‘all the best’ to Trevor Lewing, who has agreed to take over the task. For those who wish Trevor to promulgate some item, the email address remains as Fairlightres@aol.com

Flying tonight… Lydd Airport is an official “backstop” airport for the Olympic Games and is likely to experience increased activity over the period. The LAAG- Lydd Airport Action Group – advise that, if you would like to register an aircraft noise complaint, you should record the time and date of the incident, and then ring Lydd Airport on 01797 322400. If your call is not taken, leave a message stating the time and date of the incident, or email details to - info@lydd-airport.co.uk. Personally, I’m fairly laid back about this. The Olympics will not last forever, and there cannot possibly be that many planes forced to land at Lydd. If you register a complaint, short of having a time machine, what can they do about it? I must be a bit of a nerd, because if a plane goes directly overhead in the evening, and my computer is on, I’ll often look at Flight Tracker or one of that ilk, to identify what it is and where it’s coming in from. If it should be somewhere exotic, and I’ve just spent an afternoon having sand blown in my eyes at Camber, I’ll probably think ‘lucky so-and-so’s’. But I won’t call Heathrow to complain about the noise.

You can’t get the stuff…Warrenders, which was formerly Warren Farm, let us all know that a large crane and any amount of steel would be coming through the village on Monday last. It didn’t happen, and owners Peter Jones and Jacqui Lait apologise and will let everyone know as soon as they have a date that can be relied on. They will soon be starting to prepare the wildflower meadow behind the site of the house for planting, when the conditions are right. This activity may temporarily change the colour of the field to a golden colour, and this will be noticeable. But it is nothing to worry about and will the help the wildflowers to succeed (or so they have been led to believe). Any questions? Please either go up to Warrenders at the top of Commanders Walk or give them a call on 07770 611 820.

Calling Bella… who is a small black cat, with a black collar and a chrome bell, who went missing from the Meadow Way area last Sunday. She’s probably home safe and sound by now, I hope, but please check your shed or any cool areas just in case. If you find her, please call 813853

It’s just four weeks now… until Fairfest II, the second coming of the highly successful music and all-things-good arts festival. During the countdown, reminders will be reaching you to ensure that you attend, as you did before, and you enjoy yourselves. In the arena will be Acromax (who you may have seen before), Red Wheelies, Belly Dancing, which I’m sure you can stomach, and a fun Dog Show. Get out that T-shirt you bought for the last Fest, the one you’ve only worn for one day! And don’t miss the Classic Cars. Like New York, New York, they’re so good they’ve named them twice!

Coming up next week is the Pett Level rescue Boat Open Day, which will include a Leonburger Rescue Dog. Whether this is a dog that has itself been rescued, or a dog that performs rescues, I’m not quite sure. Anyway, I’ll let you know…!

Two weeks ago, mention was made of Andrew Mier’s complaint about a totally filthy and non-functioning phone box phone. From writing and before Village Voice was published, the phone was beautifully cleaned. Unfortunately the telephone itself was still not working. There was no dialling tone and lifting the receiver did nothing. The returned coin box cover was jammed. Someone has obviously not been pressing the right B buttons. But it might all be well by the time you read this. If it is, don’t call me…

Keith Pollard, Brookfield, Broadway