Family appeal for help to find stolen memorial

A DAUGHTER has appealed for the public’s help in returning a memorial to her late father, which was stolen by thieves shortly before Christmas.

The wooden gate, sporting two brass plaques, was stolen from a footpath which ran through a field at Slides Farm, Robertsbridge, some time before December 25.

The gate and plaques were placed on the path in memory of Peter Greenfield, who was a well-known and highly respected GP in the village before his retirement.

Dr Greenfield’s family decided that a gate on the footpath, which runs through his son’s farm, would be the ideal way to remember him.

The family held a private ‘opening ceremony’ for the memorial on Mothering Sunday.

But just months later, the gate was taken from the path, which runs from the northbound lay-by on the A21 at Silverhill, towards Wennow Wood.

It was especially upsetting for the family as the theft happened just days before the first anniversary of Dr Greenfield’s death on December 30.

Daughter Christine Greenfield, of Tunbridge Wells, said: “I felt absolutely sickened that someone has had no respect at all for our feelings.

“It’s horrible to think that was dad’s memorial and someone wrecked it. And I also feel very angry as there were sheep in the field and they could have wandered out into the road.

“But thieves don’t care, do they?”

The gate has since been replaced, at a cost of £250, but the Greenfield family are keen to trace the stolen memorial.

Anyone with any information about the theft, or knows the whereabouts of the stolen gate, is asked to contact Mike on 01580 880106.