Fascinating history of Hooe put on show

The Hooe History Society’s first exhibition, held in the village hall on Saturday, was a resounding success.

A variety of interesting exhibits meant there was something for everyone, whatever their age, to enjoy.

5/10/13- Hooe History Society exhibition.  Peter Doodes, Heather Sinden and Dick Casey

5/10/13- Hooe History Society exhibition. Peter Doodes, Heather Sinden and Dick Casey

The large displays of photographs and postcards attracted a great deal of interest, conjuring up memories and stories about the past, as well as putting names to faces to add to the society’s records.

One display outlined the history of Savin Cottage from the 1700s to the present day, featuring details about the many owners, the tenants, their occupations and other historical snippets.

One visitor in particular, whose family lived in the cottage some 50 years ago, was able to tell present owner Andy many stories to add to the record.

The society is currently producing a time line of interesting Hooe events, with visitors invited to add dates and details.

As a result, future generations will know when electricity first came to the village; when 51 doodle bugs flew across; when ‘Oily Anny’ as she was affectionately called, sold paraffin from a tin wheeled around in an old pram; and a great deal more.

This is work in progress and no doubt details will be added over a number of years to come.

A quiz, based on items from the past, tested those little grey cells. Marjorie, who put the collection together, was particularly pleased that young teenagers took such an interest.

The agricultural display included a milk cooler which resembled an old radiator, farming implements, rabbit nets and the remains of incendiary bombs which had been dug up.

The wheelwright stand included a wooden wheel hub, made by Hooe’s own wheelwright, Dick Carey.

Former Hooe residents came from far afield to revisit the place where they once lived, others who recently moved to the village came to learn about their locality and others just came to tell stories and soak in the atmosphere.

Many visitors stayed all day - broken up by a visit to the Red Lion - returning to the event to swap stories with friends new and old.

The Hooe History Society has produced a calendar, with each month depicting an historic village photo, which can be purchased for £6 from Peter or Pam Doodes at pamdoodes@hotmail.com or 01424 892329.

Hooe History Society exists to provide a forum for the community to learn more and share memorabilia about the history of the village and record and collate information for future generations to access.

Pam Doodes, from the society, said: “I think the exhibition on Saturday fulfilled this ambition and also provided a jolly good day out!”

Further details about the society and its activities can be found at www.hooehistory.wordpress.com