Fight did not happen in pub

A reported fight at the Robin Hood pub at Icklesham did not happen in the pub but in its car park says landlady Sue Darcy.

Sue said: “A group were having a meal in the pub and a woman drove into the car park. One of the group went out to the car park and there was an altercation.

“I told them to stop and that we would not tolerate that anywhere on our premises and they later apologised.

“There have been lots of false reports with a radio station saying I was bitten on the back, which is completely untrue.

“We are a family pub and we never have any trouble. It is not that sort of pub. The police arrived after the group left and people who were in the pub were unaware there had even been a problem,”

The Robin Hood has won a host of awards for it’s beer and family atmosphere and supports a number of good causes in the village, holding an annual dinner for OAP’s.