Fight for better Sunday rail stops

PROTESTORS will pack onto the platform of Winchelsea Station on Saturday December 7 to call for a better Sunday stopping service.

The campaign is being led by Three Oaks and Winchelsea Action for Rail Transport (THWART).

The local group will be joined by rail campaigners across Sussex for the event, including Rail Future from Bexhill and Rye group Marshlink.

THWART co-chairman John Spencer explained: “Our aim is not to attack Southern, we simply wish to publicise our disappointment that when we got our services back in 2010, five years after losing them, we were only given a six day service out of seven.

“ Sunday is potentially a popular day for tourism and for people living in Three Oaks it is the main public transport system to access places like Rye and Hastings on a Sunday.”

Winchelsea Station was well used at the weekends as a main access point for walkers wanting to explore the Brede Valley.

Stations like Winchelsea and Three Oaks were left with just two trains a day after Southern altered the timetable to accommodate the Ashford to Brighton express train.

Now a better service has been restored but Sunday remains a black hole.

The platform protest lasts from 1.45pm - 2pm and local rail users are being urged to come along and show their support.

Mr Spencer said: “We need some Three Oaks and Winchelsea volunteers to fly the flag. We realise there are complex timetable issues and that Southern have tried to help, but we feel this issue needs airing.”