Firm’s kindness to memorial hall

Ninfield Memorial Hall
Ninfield Memorial Hall

Ninfield Memorial Hall has been able to afford a properly-insulated ceiling thanks to support from a firm based in Plymouth.

The hall was recently successful in obtaining a grant for the installation of a Hearing Induction Loop, but on inspection, realised why the hall has been so costly to heat in winter – no insulation.

A spokesman for Ninfield Memorial Hall’s committee said: “We immediately submitted an Application to E.On to redress this but were unsuccessful this time in receiving any grant.

“However, we had to obtain quotes to support our bid, and Insulation Superstore came up with the best deal for the hall, which would have to be out of our own limited funds.

“The staff at Insulation Superstore were intrigued about the hall’s background as a Village Remembrance Memorial.

“With Remembrance Day approaching, their team made a very generous offer and vastly reduced the quote.

“All have their own memories of relatives that fought, died or returned, and made this generous offer. We are deeply touched by this kind gesture of community support and wish to express our very sincere appreciation of this fine gesture.

“Thanks to Insulation Superstore and their dedicated team, the residents will soon have a warm and cosy building to not only remember our fallen, but the generosity that still exists in big business, which still has a place for worthwhile causes.

“We hope to have the insulation in place before the December Christmas events in the hall, so that residents can enjoy fully the voices and music in comfort and warmth. The reduction in heating expenditure will go a long way to allowing us to use the savings for further improvements as we strive to ensure this fine Victorian building stays in service in the 21st century.

“The committee is progressing with further plans for improvements in the hall. We already have had a successful grant which enabled all the uncomfortable hard plastic chairs to be replaced with 200 new ones, the majority upholstered. Bit by bit, the hall committee is resolved to make the hall a more welcoming place where peoplecan meet their friends, hear what is being said, and in comfort.”

To enquire about booking the hall for an event, call 01424 892428.