First Ugandan student gains uni scholarship

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PESTALOZZI’S first ever Ugandan student has gained a university scholarship to Costa Rica.

A few years ago, Christopher Mujjabi was at high school in Kabubbu, Uganda.

Chris excelled when he was able to be in school, but could only attend intermittently because he had three other siblings and his mother wasn’t able to ensure continuity for school fees for all four of her children.

However, fortune was on his side. Quicken Trust, a charity based in Herstmonceux, found a sponsor to pay for a whole year of education, enabling Chris to complete the Uganda National Education Board ‘O’ level examinations.

Chris was then chosen by the Pestalozzi International Village Trust, based in Sedlescombe, to attend a selection meeting and following further exams and interviews, Chris became the first Ugandan student ever to receive a Pestalozzi scholarship.

Chris arrived in the UK in 2011 and has been a popular student at Pestalozzi.

He recently completed the two year International Baccalaureate Diploma at South Coast College in Hastings.

While in the UK, he also learnt to play the guitar and performed with his band, Pestalozzi Pirates, at Hastings Beatles Day.

Recently, Earth University in Costa Rica was looking to award prestigious MasterCard Scholarships to Spanish speaking students from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

Chis, who studied Spanish at Sussex Coast College, was interviewed by a staff member from Earth University back in May.

Last week, Chris was elated to hear he had been accepted for the MasterCard Scholarship studying Agricultural Science and Natural Resource Management at Earth University.

He said: “I am so happy and speechless that I got an acceptance from Earth University on a full scholarship with all my costs, including air fares.

“I look forward to taking my continued education in Costa Rica back to Uganda in four years’ time to help develop my country.”

Chris’ Earth University confirmation said: “You have been selected from among a large group of highly qualified candidates, but you have stood out for your academic preparedness, your determination, your commitment to the community and your potential to become a leader of change and your commitment to the future of the planet we share.”

Quicken Trust and Pestalozzi International Village Trust have said they are thrilled to be part of Christopher’s ongoing success story.