Free open day aims to get people back in the saddle


AN IDEN riding school is holding a free taster session with the aim of encouraging people to experience the fun and fitness benefits of being in the saddle.

It is being held at Grove Riding School in Grove Road, Iden, on Tuesday April 2 from 10am - 2pm.

It forms part of the Take Back the Reins Olympic Legacy.

Riding school proprietor Louise Pain said: “I am very excited about this and we look forward to opening our doors to the public so that they can come and visit our riding school, speak to our staff and meet our horses.

“You don’t have to have visited or ridden with us before to take part in the course, so please do feel free to pop by and see what we have to offer”.

She added: “It’s a known fact that just half-an-hour of riding a week can boost your sense of wellbeing and help to keep you feeling healthy. It is a great way to get fit, strengthens your core body muscles and provides a relaxing cardiovascular workout.

“Riding also cheers you up when you’re down, provides mental stimulation and gives you the opportunity to forge friendships with like-minded people.”

For details of the local ‘Take Back the Reins’ programme at Grove Farm Riding School, contact Jess Cruwys on 01797 280362. Website: