Fresh calls for improved safety measures on road

13/6/13- Traffic congestion in the North Trade Road, Battle.
13/6/13- Traffic congestion in the North Trade Road, Battle.

A MUM from Battle has launched a campaign calling for improved safety measures on North Trade Road.

Becky Gasson, from Wellington Gardens, along with a number of other concerned parents and Battle residents, is calling on East Sussex County Council to take action.

She said: “There are a few of us who have started a group on Facebook to try and do something about the business of North Trade Road.

“It’s mainly the cars that park opposite the Property Cafe building and near the police station that make it so difficult to get through.

“For cars it is really hard and there are queues.

“I have got replies from Cllr Dixon and Cllr Field agreeing something needs to be done.

“ESCC roads department has emailed asking for more details. So hopefully something will be done before there is an accident.

“We have also started a petition online as well.”

The petition, which was started by Becky and another concerned resident, calls for more double yellow lines.

The petition was launched just a few days ago, but already has more than 50 signatures.

One person who signed the petition, James Nock, said: “I witnessed a lorry mount the kerb yesterday and another almost crash this morning.

“This road is next to a school and this is an accident waiting to happen with vehicles having to swerve to avoid parked cars. The parked cars also cause severe congestion during busy periods.”

In 2010, Yvonne Clarke launched a similar campaign after she was injured by a lorry which had mounted the kerb in North Trade Road.

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said: “We installed bollards on the north side of North Trade Road to the east of Wellington Gardens in the summer of 2010 and installed some sections of double yellow lines on the south side of the road in October 2012 to address the safety concerns which had been raised by members of the public.

“This came after a pedestrian was hit while walking along the footway on the north side of the road. A vehicle had mounted the footway due to the narrowness of the road when cars parked on the south side of North Trade Road at this point.

“We are aware of concerns raised recently about parking at the section of the road near the police station, and we are always happy to listen to residents’ concerns. All suggestions we receive will be given due consideration for any future review of parking.

“However, there is a lengthy legal process we are obliged to go through before we can introduce measures such as painting double yellow lines and therefore any such changes are usually considered as part of a wider review of parking covering a particular town or village.

“If there are motorists who are parking in a manner which is causing a danger or obstruction to other road users, people should report this to the police, who have powers to deal with these issues.”