Fresh objection to cinema plan is overturned


MORE objections to plans for the proposed Lion Street cinema were raised at a special council meeting on Monday.

But they failed to gain support with the council approving amended plans from the Fletcher group and only two councillors voting against.

The amended plans include red cedar wood cladding for part of the building’s exterior.

Cllr Adam Smith queried the removal of the nine parking spaces that existed within the Lion Street complex and pointed out that a previous, unrelated, planning permission had ruled the spaces had to stay.

He said: “This is a material consideration and the developer is obliged to suggest how they are going to compensate.

“ This is an erroneous planning application and perhaps it should no longer be considered.

Cllr Mike Eve responded: “These are no more than lines marked on a private road.

“It is totally scurrilous to compare this with an application which dates back to 2005.”

Deputy Mayor Bernardine Fiddimore said: “The applicants have listened to our concerns and have been totally transparent as far as I can see.

“The Fletcher Group is offering something to Rye which will be totally beneficial to us.”

Cllr Mary Smith said: “This is the most sensitive spot in this town and we are custodians of Rye - it has to be right.

“I still don’t believe this is the best it can be. I still don’t think the plans are appropriate or good enough. There has been lots of tinkering when they should have been right in the first place.”

Cllr Heidi Foster said: “I object to the word tinkering. The applicants have listened to people and tried to address issues.”

Cllr John Breeds said: “This town is not just a collection of buildings it is the people and without them there would not be a town.

“I take issue with what I see as tactics aimed at trying to hold the cinema plan up.”

Planners at Rother Council will have the final say.