Glen footpath is open again after a year


Works have now been completed to open up the main footpath at Hastings Country Park.

Early this year a major landslip affected footpaths in Ecclesbourne Glen at the Country Park.

The path was impassable in places due to uprooted trees from the landslide entirely blocking the steps leading from the East Hill down to the Glen.

It is thought the landslip was caused by one of the wettest winters on record.

Hastings Borough Council has been working with East Sussex County Council and Natural England to reinstate the main coastal footpath which runs from the East Hill along the top of Ecclesbourne Glen.

Hastings Country Park Conservation Volunteers, working with the Rangers, have now fully reinstated the steps on the main footpath that joins the East Hill with the rest of Hastings Country Park.

Cllr Dawn Poole, the council’s lead member for leisure and amenities commented:

“It’s great news that this popular route is once again open to the public.

“Vegetation has been cleared all along the coastal path from the East hill down to the stream, the steps have been replaced and new fencing has been installed at the boundaries.

“Our thanks must go to the volunteers who have worked so hard. People can now resume walking along the coastal path from the East Hill to the rest of the Country Park.”

The council said the path has been reopened just in time for Christmas and the New Year, a time traditionally when many residents and visitors like to take advantage of the spectacular scenery over the festive holiday period.

The path links Hastings with Fairlight.