Gold for breeder at World Dog Show

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WINCHELSEA Beach dog breeder Helena Turner is celebrating after winning first place in the World Dog Show in Paris.

Helena entered her two and a half year old Bernese Mountain Dog Tangyachates Beachcomber into the prestigious competition in July.

It is the first time a British Bernese has ever won the competition.

Helena has been breeding Bernese dogs for years and has always dreamed of attending the World Show.

She said: “My dog wasn’t perturbed at all by the journey to Paris, via the ferry from Dover, he loves adventures and has lots of confidence to deal with all situations.

“Thursday, the first day of the four day show, was a very busy day and quite an experience. Compared to Crufts it was chaotic.

“All 41 of the open dogs went into the ring for a preliminary view by the judge and about half were recalled and graded `excellent’. My dog was one of them.

“I was delighted as my dream was just to get an `excellent’ grade.

“From this line-up four dogs were picked out, in no particular order, and my dog was the last to be picked.

“I was so shocked. A slow handclap from spectators started to get faster and faster and cameras started flashing, it was so exciting.

“Then suddenly the judge pointed to me and shouted ‘First’. At first I could not believe what had happened. The cameras flashed and everyone came into the ring.

“It was all beyond my wildest dreams. I can only say that this has been the most exciting highlight in all my years of breeding and showing Bernese.”

Helena was in the news earlier this year when her campaign to clear up Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and Winchelsea Beach of dog’s mess resulted in Rother Council installing a new dog waste bin.