Government could approve even more fracking in Sussex

Fracking protest 1
Fracking protest 1

THE Government looked to be approving more fracking this week promising communities where the controversial process takes place that they could keep all income from business rates paid by companies drilling for shale gas.

It coincides with news that French oil and gas company Total will invest at least £12.7m in the UK’s shale gas industry.

Environmental groups, including Greenpeace accused the Government of ‘bribery’.

Lawrence Carter, from Greenpeace, said: “Lawrence Carter, said: “Total, a French company who can’t frack in their own country because the French government has stopped the French countryside being ripped up have now turned their sights on the UK countryside where the government seem happy to allow the industrialisation.”

Fracking at Balcombe, in West Sussex, resulted in wide scale protests which saw Sussex Police running up a bill of millions of pounds to police.

Communities affected by shale gas drilling are also expected to receive £100,000 in “community benefits” and 1% of production revenues, should sites start producing gas.