Grease is the word at Bexhill High’s Venue

Grease has been affectionately described as the ‘No.1 greatest musical of all time.

Bexhill High Theatre Company’s production was colourful, vibrant and evocative of the period with tons of energy, excellent singing, brilliantly directed by Adam Hepkin with fantastic choreography by Stephanie Hepkin.

Andy Rose as Danny had powerful stage presence with great moves, comic timing and perfect looks complementing Sky Lee-Ryan’s performance of Sandy, whose remarkable voice was shown to great effect in ‘ Hopelessly Devoted to You’. There were many good performances, notably Bethany Abrahams as a feisty, yet sensitive Rizzo. Kelcie Black, Beth Allen & Jemima Bowler were sparkling as the fun loving Pink Ladies.

Strong performances from Dale Smith as Kenickie, Sam Clark as Doody, Sam Coleman as Roger and Josh Rose as Sonny and notable performances from Glenn Siggins as Vince Fontaine/Teen Angel, Jordan Standell as Eugene, Kathy Elliott, Emma Young, Amy Potter, Lauren Creasey and Chae Green.

The Dancers and Ensemble performed with energy and fun. The lighting sound and costumes were impressive and the band under the direction of Daniel Goodyer was excellent. The set was stunning and made a great impact when the curtains opened. Bexhill High is lucky to have this faculty, where students can nurture their artistic talent alongside their academic learning. Long may it last!