Grieving father fights goes on

Brian Matthews SUS-140813-125723001
Brian Matthews SUS-140813-125723001

A grieving father stood at the road-side this week at the exact spot that his son died ten years ago to the day.

And a decade after 22 year old cyclist Graham Matthews was hit and killed by a car - a promised cycle path on the dangerous Rye Harbour Road still remains unfinished.

Brian Matthews returned to the road where his son died in 2004 to highlight the situation. He was backed by local cyclists who turned out in force to show their support.

Most of the path, from Rye Harbour village has been completed but it ends near Rye Paddock just before a dangerous blind bend where Harbour Road joins the A259.

Brian said: “It may be ten years ago but I still live this every day. It is very real for me.

“This is a dangerous road and it is only a matter of time before someone else gets killed. I just don’t want another family to go through what we have been through.”

He added: “I have campaigned hard for the cycle path to be completed but all I have heard is empty promises and excuses.

“I have now learned from East Sussex County Council that a feasibility study will take place this autumn and the path will be completed next summer.

“It would be wonderful if that happened, but I have been given these promises before and they have come to nothing.

“Completing the cycle path would mean at least my son will not have died in vain as something will have come from his death.”

County Council leader Keith Glazier said: “I feel for the family and have every sympathy for their great loss.

“We were faced with technical problems and then cut-backs came in from 2008, but this in the capital programme and work should be completed next year.”

Cyclist Jim Hollands, who is supporting the campaign, said: “This is a very dangerous road. There have been a number of near misses.”