Group are helping put Rye on map

Giant strides have been taken in promoting Rye Bay as one of the South East’s premier tourist destinations in 2012 and efforts are being redoubled to build on this success.

That’s the message from Rye Bay Marketing as it reviews its work in raising the profile of Rye and the surrounding areas to potential visitors and tourists across the UK.

Now the group has launched a new website which has become a central information hub for shopping, special events and news from accommodation providers and attractions.

This year’s official guide – A Visitor’s Guide to Rye Bay and the Ancient Town of Rye 2012 – has been pivotal in promoting the area to a wide audience. It had a print run of 130,000, with distribution points all over southern England and a focus on destinations within a three and a half hour drive time.

Rye Bay Marketing’s board of directors are all unpaid volunteers drawn from local businesses.

The group is always keen to hear from any other local businesses who want to help and would welcome input from those keen to boost the town’s future business prospects.

A spokesman for Rye Bay Marketing said: “We recognised the need to build links with Rye Town Council to make sure that all local stakeholders are pulling together for the benefit of Rye and the area.

“Every penny raised is ploughed directly back into promoting the area.

Rye Bay Marketing organised a 20-page guide to Rye and Rye Bay which is being printed in The Commuter magazine, which has a 200,000 print-run and is being distributed free of charge among Southeastern railway passengers in Kent, Essex and London.

“We have also forged a great relationship with Rye College and are looking at ways to engage the students with local businesses to help with future skills and employment. For example, in August we are hosting two concerts at the College with Stacey Kent and Yolanda Brown as part of the festivities during Jazz Week. Other jazz acts will be appearing at venues throughout the town.”

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