Group let down electors says Cllr

Cllr Sam Souster ENGSUS00120131029134925
Cllr Sam Souster ENGSUS00120131029134925

Rye and Rother councillor Sam Souster has accused the Campaign for a Democratic Rye group of betraying those who voted for it.

Cllr Souster spoke out as the group officially folded ten years after it was set up.

Candidates were elected on false and unachievable promises

The group had ten members elected to Rye Town Council in 2011 after promising electors to restore more power to Rye.

Cllr Souster said: “The candidates were elected on false and unachievable promises such as - “We aim to take back all the houses, public buildings and land including the freehold that rightly belongs to the people of Rye plus £1 million that Bexhill hold in their coffers for the sale of council houses that were built by Rye Borough Council”.

They also said “We want planning back and not have what someone else foists upon us” claiming “Change can happen.”

“Before CDR starts up again under another identity it should be made to explain these promises that have clearly not been achieved, but were popular at the time for obvious reasons and were supported by some of the electorate.

“Of the ten CDR candidates elected in 2011 how many survive today? CDR was initiated by a number of Lib-Dems and their support for area committees was prompted by the Lib-Dem Eastleigh District Council, one of the few operating under this system.

“Area Committees did not find favour locally. The demise of CDR was predictable because action and not words is required to address the genuine concerns about Rother District Council.

“As this is election year could this be a rerun of the previous strategy?”