Group reveal more plans to help shape the future of Rye

THE Rye Neighbourhood Plan steering group outlined areas of Rye which could be ear-marked for future improvement at the recent Town Meeting.

Vice chairman of the group, Colonel Anthony Kimber, stressed that the plans were reliant on input and involvement from local people.

Specific areas of interest included Rock Channel, the old Freda Gardham school site, the Love Lane school sites and the western entrance to Rye.

Colonel Kimber explained that the plan was made possible by the Localism Act, which received Royal Assent in November 2011.

Ultimately, an approved Rye Plan could give local people a greater say on how Rye is developed in the future and will affect key areas such as new homes and transport infrastructure.

The proposed Rye Neighbourhood Plan has to be approved by the majority of voters of the neighbourhood to come into force. If proposals pass the referendum, the local planning authority is under a legal duty to bring them into force.

Sustainability and flood risk will be key issues to consider.

Another area under consideration is Rother owned Gibbett Marsh.

Colonel Kimber said: “The parking there is under utilised because it appears to many visitors to be well removed from the Town Centre. We want to hear from local people on what its future use should be.”

He added: “The plan should raise the overall design quality of the area – buildings and public spaces – consistent with the setting of the important conservation area. It should make more efficient and effective use of land through selective redevelopment. It should improve public access into and through the area, and particularly to the riverside. Improvements could make it a more attractive and coherent link between the Strand Quay area to The Salts.”