Hastings seafront bin collection is not good enough


From: Susan Blackwell, Old Humphrey Avenue, Hastings

I had a walk along the seafront yesterday evening with some friends from Sweden, who were staying in a local hotel.

We admired the pier and the sunset, and walked down towards the picturesque Old Town, past bins which were spilling out rubbish onto the surrounding path, and beach.

My Swedish friends were shocked – ‘how horrible!’, they said, and the seagulls will come down and rip open these bags! Indeed!

We were promised a better bin collection service with the new contractor Biffa, but to my mind, things seem to have got worse. They certainly are not improving. At high season, surely the bins along the beach especially, need to be emptied every day, if not more. It shouldn’t get to this stage, where the litter is falling out onto the floor.

Why is it that neighbouring Bexhill, Eastbourne and Rye do not have this problem?

These bins are next to the beach! I find it disgraceful that not more is being done to protect our local environment.

I am involved with litter picking (on my own) and with a local litter-picking group in St Leonards, but when you see things like this, your heart just sinks.