Battle mum’s life ‘turned around’ by microcurrent device

Victoria Rockcliffe
Victoria Rockcliffe

An antique dealer from Battle who was forced to give up work eight years ago due to a degenerative disc disease has been helped by a microcurrent device originally designed for use on horses.

Mum-of-two Victoria Rockliffe, 48, whose job involves the heavy lifting of furniture, had been living with back pain since 1998.

Initially, she took codeine prescribed by her doctor, but in 2010 – after several tests – Victoria was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc. In excruciating pain, her codeine was increased, and she tried to continue her daily life, relying heavily on painkillers.

After two years, Victoria underwent a procedure called a discectomy, in which the problematic disc is removed, but this did not help, and she was switched to morphine, initially taking 30mgs every day, which steadily rose to 200mg.

It was only by chance that Victoria was introduced to the Arc4Health – a device that promotes faster healing through painless microcurrent therapy – that she was able to start living her life again.

She said: “At times my back pain was unbearable. By the end of 2013, I was almost bedridden, partially paralysed, had lost control of my bladder and had little feeling in my right leg. I couldn’t tidy the house, or even dress myself.

“I had truly hit rock bottom, and was diagnosed with depression and fibromyalgia, which in hindsight could be attributed to the high doses of morphine I was on, which left me feeling like a zombie.”

In a 2001 study that looked at 1,949 patients using microcurrent therapy for pain management, 93 per cent were found to claim significant pain reduction, ranging from 81 per cent in chronic regional pain syndrome patients to a high of 98 per cent in those suffering from migraine headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome, respectively.

Victoria added: “The Arc4Health unit has made an incredible difference to my life; I now don’t need to take any painkillers until late afternoon, and I’m pretty sure that with careful management I will be off opiates completely. I am now looking into starting up my own business. The Arc4Health has turned my life around, and I am very excited about the future.”