Charity holiday home back in action after flooding

GENEROUS Battle residents have helped a charity which provides holidays for sick children, back on its feet after its caravan was seriously damaged by flooding.

Colleen’s Tenderheart Charity arranges for seriously ill children and their families to enjoy a break, away from hospital treatments, at the charity’s holiday home at Crowhurst Park.

But in December the charity was left devastated when the freezing weather caused a pipe to burst, leaving water to pour into the caravan for up to three days whilst it was unoccupied.

Tenderheart was left with an estimated bill of between £3,000 and £4,000, with carpet, soft furnishings, plumbing, games and bedding all in need of replacing.

But Battle has rallied round Tenderheart and after a ‘wonderful’ response from the public, the home is ready to reopen later this month.

Ann Dedman, chairperson of Tenderheart, told the Observer: “The charity received some wonderful donations from local people. Some supplied an address and I was able to thank them, but quite a few sent donations anonymously.

“I therefore hope that this will suffice as a thank you to those kind people.

“Tenderheart has also received donations from the Muffins and from Lloyds and will benefit from money raised from this years scarecrow competition.”

Speaking about refurbishing the caravan, Ann said: “It has been a lot of work - replacement of goods, repairs, plumbing and new flooring - but because of the help from the local community and unexpected support from the insurance company, The Tenderheart holiday home at Crowhurst Park will now be able to open mid April and many sick children and their families will be able to benefit.”

As well as the many donations received, supporters have organised coffee mornings and other events in a bid to raise funds.

Wendy Mansfield will open her multi-award winning garden Karibu, at Netherfield Hill, to the public on Sunday June 5, 10am–4pm, whilst neighbours Norman and Greta Earl have agreed to open their garden for teas and coffees and a cake sale.