Heartbroken family in search for stolen pet

Missing dog Teasel and the Freeman family from Dallington enjoying a day at the beach.
Missing dog Teasel and the Freeman family from Dallington enjoying a day at the beach.

A HEARTBROKEN family, who have scoured Sussex and Kent in a bid to find their beloved dog, say they are convinced the animal has been stolen.

Three-year-old Teasel, a border terrier cross patterdale, went missing from the Freeman family’s back garden in Padgham Lane, Dallington, on August 26.

But despite a number of reported sightings across East Sussex and Kent, the pup seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Ginny Freeman said Teasel was ratting in the front garden when she went missing at about 4pm. She was seen in a neighbour’s garden a short time later, but then disappeared.

Ginny said: “Normally if she disappeared she would be gone for about an hour visiting various friends then she would be home.”

But there were no phonecalls from friends to say Teasel had turned up and the little dog failed to return home.

The family put up missing posters, scoured neighbours’ gardens and called everyone they knew, but there was no sign of the dog.

Ginny registered Teasel on DogLost.co.uk, a website set up with the aim of helping trace lost and stolen dogs and reunite them with their owners.

Ginny, who has had Teasel since she was a puppy, has attended various dog shows, ploughing matches and equestrian events over the last few weeks in the hope of finding Teasel. There have been reported sightings in Robertsbridge, Staplehurst and at the Cranbrook Music Festival.

Ginny said: “There were a couple of sightings but unfortunately the border terrier is quite common and it was either not her or we did not get there in time to see them.”

Ginny says there was no sign that Teasel had been run over and believes that if her dog had died, her body would have been found by now.

She said: “I believe someone picked her up, fell in love with her and does not want to give her back.” Ginny added: “She’s part of the family. She was a real cutie and slept on our bed every night. I’m terrified someone horrible has got her. If we could just get one clue as to what happened, we may know where she is.” If you know where Teasel is, call 01435 830107 or 07939011275.