Help needed for beach surveys

HELP is needed for important beach surveys taking place at Rye Harbour and Pett Level over the next two days.

The Beachwatch surveys have been instigated by the Marine Conservation Society and aim to help protect marine life.

They take place today (Friday 20) at Rye Harbour and on Saturday 21 at Pett Level.

Andy Dinsdale said: “If anyone can give a couple of hours of their time it will be great to help our beaches be less dangerous and more natural.

“It’s healthy being out in the open and all those marine animals, such as, birds, seals, sharks, whales, dolphins and turtles will benefit from less fatal litter , which can poison or strangle them.

“It also helps by adding to the Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch data which shows how the litter, rubbish, trash, call it what you will, has increased and changed over the years.

“ Data goes back to the 1990’s around the U.K. We started in 2003 at Pett Level.”

Those wanting to volunteer at Rye Harbour should meet at 2pm at the nature reserve car park.

It is a good opportunity to view migrating birds.

Those wanting to take part at Pett Level on Saturday should meet at 2pm up on sea wall, next to Smuggler Pub and Pett Level Rescue Boat.

Andy Dinsdale said: “Sturdy footwear, gloves and appropriate clothing should be worn to be safe on the beach for these events.”

Rye’s coastline is protected due to its diverse birdlife and rare plants which grow among vegetated shingle on the beach itself.