Help those with autism to find jobs, says East Sussex report

MORE needs to be done to help those with autism to find employment in East Sussex, according to details of a survey just published.

East Sussex County Council is planning to set up an Autism Partnership Board in the county with the first meeting set to be held next Spring.

The new body will work on a plan for autism in the county with the publication of an “Autism Commissiong Plan” later in the year.

This follows a survey carried out earlier this year by the county council looking at priorities for young people and adults suffeering from autism in order that they live more fulfilling and rewarding lives.

A series of workshops were held in the county and the council also received a number of submissions.

Among the issues highlighted were gaining support into employment, as well as better information about autism and available support targeted at those who need it most. The issue of improved training for support staff as well as a better understanding of the prevalence and needs of people with autism, were also picked out as priorities in the consultation,

Other issues included a clearer route to getting a diagnosis, and a clear plan for how the county council will support people with autism and how this will be implemented. Peer support, carers’ breaks and support, as well as internet support for people who find face-to-face contact challenging, were identified.

“We want to continue to work with local people to implement the plan, harnessing our collective expertise to ensure the most effective use of local resources,” said the county council in a statement.