Heritage Centre is surviving recession

RYE Heritage Centre has managed to keep its head ­ above water in a difficult financial year.

Peter Cosstick, who manages the Centre at the Strand on behalf of Rye Town Council, said: “It has been a difficult trading year with revenue between April and October down by six percent.”

There was some good news with Novembers figures expected to be up on 2011, while the total staff salary bill has been reduced by six percent.

Mr Cosstick said: “The benefits of a meeting and greeting scheme over the summer are starting to filter through and should help shore up receipts in 2013-14.

Rye Town Council look set to accept an offer from Mr Cosstick to run the Heritage Centre for a further year.

There is still some concern in the town that Rye now has two tourism advice outlets, with the Rye Council owned Heritage Centre effectively in competition with the Rother Council funded Rye Tourist Information Centre at Lion Street.

Cllr Michael Eve said he was concerned about services being duplicated.