High Sheriff shows support for care centre

RYE’S ARRCC charity won praise from the High Sheriff of East Sussex, Mrs Kathy Gore, when she toured its facilities last week.

Irna Mortlock, from ARRCC, said: “Mrs Gore was unable to attend ARRCC’s art exhibition last November; she generously offered to find time in her busy schedule to come and visit us.

“At each of the three venues, Mrs Gore explained the present role of the High Sheriff. She thanked all the volunteers for dedicating so much of their time to the charity.

“She also explained in detail the past role of the High Sheriff, but assured everyone that she had not come to put them in jail or to collect taxes from them!

“Chairman Jack Hemmings, members of the board and CEO Grace O’Neill showed Mrs Gore round the centre in Kiln Drive.

“Mrs Gore spent the morning talking to members and staff. She was interested to see the new activities and opportunities that we provide. ARRCC continues to support disabled adults with their ‘day to day’ needs at the centre, and in the wider community.

“A short drive into Rye to Magdala House, and Mrs Gore was introduced to members and staff of ARRCC Elders.

“This service operates three days a week and offers a caring and supportive environment for the more elderly in Rye and the surrounding area. A home-cooked meal is on offer daily, as well as games, therapies and outings.

“The third stop was to The School Creative Centre where ARRCC holds daily arts and crafts workshops.

“This creative environment has encouraged our members to attempt tasks that previously would have been too daunting to consider.

“Under the guidance of Cathy Pope and her dedicated team of tutors and volunteers, ARRCC’s members are learning pottery, illustration, graphics, mosaics, spray painting and all kinds of mixed media.”