Historic Rye hotel suffers flood damage

7/10/11- The Mermaid Inn, Rye ENGSNL00120110710122254
7/10/11- The Mermaid Inn, Rye ENGSNL00120110710122254

Rye’s historic Mermaid Inn was hit by a Friday the 13th disaster when a leaking water-main caused flood damage.

The catastrophe occurred just a day before Valentines Day when the hotel was booked for dinners.

But local people sprang into action and helped get the hotel owners back on their feet within a matter of hours.

The leaking pipe saw water pouring into the Inn’s Tudor Room, which is used for functions.

Judith Blincow, from the Mermaid, said this week: “Luckily there was not serious damaged caused.

“We have dried out and have a new carpet arriving for the function room so it should be open again very soon.

“Everyone rallied around to help us. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us.

“All our suppliers and the workmen we use are local and they really helped us.

“It was like the blitz spirit.”

She added: “You could say that Friday the 13th really arrived for us.”

A Rye, councillor, who did not want to be named, took the lead in contacting Rother District Council.

The council had to give the go-ahead for work to be carried out due to the Mermaid’s listed status and historical importance.

The councillor said: “I spoke to RDC emergency number stressing the importance.

“I then received a call from Jonathan Cornell who said he would do his best to progress the matter.”

A slab had to be removed under the archway that leads to the courtyard inn, so that workmen could access the leaking pipe but they were able to avoid damaging the cobbled area.

They managed to deal with the leak but in doing so became aware of other leaks in the same pipe.

A temporary repair was carried out by inserting a length of plastic piping. The steel pipe was badly corroded and will have to be replaced in total in the near future.